Chapter 3Mature

When we finally got to my mom's house, Dustin and me just talked for a while. We didn't really have any cares at all right then. All we cared about then was catching up with one another. It was actually really fun. We talked for probably an hour and a half without stopping, even to get something to eat or drink. I don't see how we kept from our mouths going dry. “So where would you like me to sleep?” “You can sleep in here with me if you want to. I'm not going to make you sleep out on the sofa or anything. I don't think I'm that mean, or that horrible of a hostess. . .” I couldn't help but laughing at what I was just saying, I was just trying to babble on and on. Not attractive AT ALL. Then I really started laughing at myself. “What in the world are you laughing at?” “Oh nothing. You wouldn't understand it. Not unless you can read minds, and I don't think thats even humanly possible so you wouldn't understand.” Then he started laughing at me. Then I stopped laughing, I liked laughing at myself, but I think I do like Dustin, more than a brother so I don't want to start thinking that he thinks I'm crazy or anything like that. Or did I? Maybe that was a turn on for him. I don't know, but I'm probably going to find out soon. . . “Hey, what movies do you like?” “I like a lot of different movies. Why?” “I was just trying to figure out what kind of movies I could rent or if I had the movie just bringing it over. So just name some random movies that you really like or just really want to see.” “Well I like Prom Night, the newer one anyway, and National Treasure: Book of Secrets, I've never seen the first movie. Another one of my favorites, which I own, is Interview With The Vampire.” “So basically you like the adventure and horror movies right?” “No those are just some of the movies that I like, you told me to name random movies, so I did. What movies do you have?” “We have Prom Night, and Interview With The Vampire, if your talking about the ones on that list.” “Just grab those, well ask Jack if we can borrow them, and I'll look through the ones that I have and see if I have any good movies.” “Ok, that sounds like a good idea. So what movie do you want to watch tonight, or do you not want to watch one and just try to go to sleep?” “No lets watch a movie that will give us some more time to talk if we want to.” “Well, of course I want to talk to you. Why wouldn't I?” “I don't know. Wasn't sure you were still as talkative as I am. So which movie do we want to watch?” “Know what? We have National Treasure at home too. Come on we can go to the house real quick, just let me call my dad and tell him we'll be there shortly. Sound good?” “Yea. I'll call him. You can go look through my movies if you'd like.” “No, I'll just wait till you get back, that way we know what other movies we have.” I still couldn't get how he hadn't changed out of my mind. I'm not sure if should like him as a brother, or more than that. If only my true friends here with me. They would tell me what they thought was right and wrong, Dustin is my only true friend here, and hes the one that I need the advise for. It's all so confusing. I don't even know. “My dad said it was okay that we came over, he doesn't mind. He's just surprised that we took enough consideration to call and tell him. So shall we go?” “Of course.” “Okay then lets go so he doesn't start worrying.” “That sounds like a good idea.” Maybe I should give it a try, if he asks anyway. If he doesn't ask then no I'm not going to ask him, that would be stupid. “So, I've been thinking. About what Lisa was saying. . .” “Whats to think about it. Didn't we already talk about that subject?” “Yeah, but, I think we need to talk about it again. Before we made it sound like no matter what we would never be more than what we are. . .” “Yeah, I guess we might have made it sound like that. So what are you thinking?” “I was thinking that maybe. . . never mind your going to think that it's a stupid thought so I might as well not even bother saying it. . .” “Just say it. I promise I won't get mad at you.” “Okay. Maybe. . . maybe we wouldn't be mad at having more of a relationship than just what we are. . .” “Actually thats not really a stupid thought. If thats what you've been thinking than that's what you need to tell me. How long have you been thinking this?” “I've been thinking this most of the day actually.” “Oh really?” “Yeah. Have you been thinking about anything to do with that?” “Yeah. Do you really think we might?” “Yeah. What have you been thinking?” “I've been thinking the same as you honestly. I just wasn't going to tell you until you brought it up, and you did so I can tell you now.” I started laughing just a little, so did he. “I can not believe we were both thinking the same thing. .” We were still laughing. “Neither can I. Question is. . . how are we going to know when its the right time to try or if we change our minds or if we really just shouldn't?” “Do you think we shouldn't?” “No, I think we should, but I don't know when we should or shouldn't try. . .” “Well. . . lets not make it tonight. Lets wait about a week. . . maybe a little less. . . and see how it is and then we can talk about it and see if we think we're ready. If not then we can just continue as is. Sound good?” “Sounds good. Know what. . . why don't we just stay here and watch one of these movies tonight and go over there after school and look through yours.” “That sounds good. I'll call my dad and tell him that we'll be over after school. Just drive there when you get out of school, I get out sooner than you.” “Okay. . . so what movie are we going to watch?” “Lets watch Prom Night tonight. Sound good.” “Of course it sounds good, thats a, well supposed to be a horror movie.” “That definitely sounds good.” He winked and we both started laughing. We got changed, put the movie in, and hopped into bed. “I don't think I'll be able to wait a week. . .” Did I really just say that. Oh my gosh I think I really did say that. What the hell is wrong with me? Have I gone crazy!? “Why do you say that?” “Just cause I don't think I'll be able to, thats all.” “To be perfectly honest, I don't think I'll be able to either. . .” “Really!?” “Yeah. . .” “Maybe we'll just see how tomorrow goes. . .” “Okay. . . that sounds. . . pretty much perfect.” “Mmk well I think we should go to sleep so, try and if you can't then just cuddle close to me and you will go to sleep for sure, I promise.” “That sounds even more perfect than what you said before.” “Of course it does, I thought of it. . .” “Yeah whatever. Good night.” “Good night.”

The End

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