Night soon falls as I aimlessly wander through the forest. Off in the distance I can hear something, it sounds like people. Trying to keep a steady pace, I walk in it's general direction. What feels like forever passes, when it's only really been about a half an hour, I finally step clear of the forest onto what appears to be a road. It leads off to seeming nothingness at my left and right. However, directly ahead, a little less than I mile away is a small village. The thought of food and a place to rest after a day of walking causes me to suddenly speed up and start jogging for the town. Nearing the town, I slow to a walk, hoping to maintain what small look of dignity I can. Which isn't much seeing as I'm hungry and tired as well as covered in mud, and the odd blood stain here and there. Plus a white jumpsuit such as mine shows that I'm a warrior, except I have no weapon or armor, so... Naturally I have no dignity except in the way I walk and talk. Standing straight with my shoulders back, I slowly march towards the village boundaries, only to halt in my tracks as a man approaches me. He looks to be in his mid forties with slightly graying hair and only a medium build.
"Um... Sir... What business do you have here?" He speaks carefully and hesitantly.
Crap I'm intimidating the poor guy...
"I just seek food and shelter friend."
I try to sound nice with my response.
Luckily, he responds in a much lighter tone.
"Well, I happen to be one of the innkeepers of this small town, if it's no problem would you like to stay at the Oasis Tavern and Hotel?"
Relieved, I answer
"That sounds lovely, don't mind my appearance I do have the coin."
He smiles and walks off in the direction of a relatively small building, it's obviously a tavern though. He opens the door to be greeted by the loud sounds of merriment from within, and beckons for me to come in and over to the bar. With a last minute thought I tap a button on my shoulder which activates the hood on my jumpsuit. I pull it up to cover my face and enter the bar, a few pairs of eyes look over and quizzically study me. Ignoring them, I walk over to the man, and he hands me a room key, I slip my hand into my pocket and pull out a gold coin. His eyes light up as I hand it to him.
"Keep the change." I tell him with a smile, he absolutely beams with radiant glee at me.
"Find a seat if you'd like, I'll get you some food in just a moment." I take a seat at the end of the bar and patiently wait for food, sadly it takes around ten minutes, all the while it taunts me with delicious smells from the kitchen. The smells do not deceive as I wolf down the simple yet delectable potato soup and the bread that came with it. With a full stomach I head toward the stairs that lead up to the rooms. Looking forward to a bed, I come around the corner a tad too fast and collide with a black haired girl not much older than myself.
"What the Darkness is wrong with y-..." She stops mid sentence as our eyes meet.
"Why. Why did my father serve one of your kind?" She looks at me with eyes full of fear and some anger.
Very confused, "My kind? What are you talking about?" I look at her, hoping she notices I have no idea what she's talking about.
"You're a Shadow." Those three words come out of her mouth and my heart stops.
"No... No, I can't be." I mutter quietly, having a small meltdown.
"Your irises, they're white. That's not a shadow I've seen before but you are nonetheless. And judging your reaction, you haven't been a shadow long enough to realize it yourself have you?" Her voice suddenly fills with sadness... Or is it pity? I can't tell, I stay quiet, but she whispers "Come with me." And takes my room key, then drags me down to my room. I sit on the edge of the bed and she brings me a mirror. I pull back my hood and see the eyes that are mine yet not mine stare back at me. A tear falls from my eye, to the floor, she looks at me, trying to comfort me with just a look. I shut my eyes, and she sits next to me and mutters an apology.
Sadly, I whisper "Please, for now, just leave me be, so I can try and figure out what to do next."
She nods and opens the door to leave. "My name is Aeoa, by the way." She looks over her shoulder and then closes the door, leaving me alone in the darkness with my thoughts. Removing my jumpsuit, I lay down and try to think, but weariness and fatigue overcomes me, and I slip into the dark depths of my sleep.

The End

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