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I breathe in making an attempt to clear my head only to suck in a coppery liquid. With a horrifying realization I jerk upwards onto my hands and knees. With an awful retching noise I coughed and created a temporary scarlet rain on the corpses of those i'd recently slain. After a few more coughs I slowly rose to my knees and was forced to shake my head a few times in order to clear the double vision I was experiencing. Taking a moment to examine my surroundings, I notice a forest a few hundred feet away to my right as well as the most concentrated mass of corpses. Directly in front of me were only about fifty or sixty of the remains of the Dark creatures. These we're pleasing sights, however to my left was a scene that instantly drew tears to my eyes.
"No..." I whisper, my voice shaking.
Tears left jagged streaks down my face while I looked at the upper half of my best friend. That was all that was left, even one of his arms had been torn from his body. Shuddering I look away from his remains and clamp my eyes shut in hopes of stopping the tears. Slowly, I rise to my feet and immediately take notice that while my friend is still wearing his heavy armor, I am not. My sword is gone as well, leaving me with nothing save my white jumpsuit and the metal plates over my knuckles that allow me to deliver vicious punches when all else fails. Which it has. Solemnly, I set to a tedious work of using fallen enemies weapons to dig a small grave for my friend. I know he deserves better, but this is better than nothing right? After a few hours I finish and finally get him buried and the dirt on top of him, and take a small dagger from one of the Dark creatures. On a moderately large rock, I carve the name James onto it, creating a crude excuse for a gravestone. Whispering a few words about how great a friend he was, I light one of the matches from a pocket in my jumpsuit and drop it into the blood puddle nearest me and walk away silently. Dark blood is highly flammable, a funeral pyre and a burial to honor James, he would have smiled at the thought. Using one of my better skills, stealth, I melt away into the forest, the field ablaze behind me.

The End

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