The ShadowsMature

There is the faction Light, and the faction Dark, like usual Light is good Dark is bad, they fight, a lot, it's set in future time, so cars and stuff, but no guns or heavy artillery, all archaic type weapons, guns were considered disgraceful unless used a gun-duel, but anyways, our main character is a warrior for the light, but accidentally gets converted to an inbetween state, neither light nor dark, he is a Shadow.



I used to be proud member of the Light. My friends also were members of the Light. Until the Darkness invaded our very souls and minds, the Light used to be a peaceful race. When the race of Dark attacked, some of us fought the Dark. Shadows are created when Light and Dark clash, well, they have clashed, and the battle was bloody, the few of the Light who survived are Light no more, we are the Shadows.


Waking up on a field of grass, I find myself staring up at the sky that is clear blue yet the ground around me is wet. More confusing, I don’t remember how I got here. I do however remember… Oh… Oh my… The battle, thousands of Dark creatures charged across the plain… Straight into a group of maybe a thousand soldiers of the Light… We were more skilled, but their numbers, the slaughter lasted for hours… It came rushing back to me with cruel clarity. There was a scream and I took my eyes off my opponent for a moment to see my best friend fall to the ground with a sword protruding from his chest and a cascade of Dark warriors fall upon him for the finishing blow. In anger and sadness my instincts took over and I felled so… so many of the monsters in my path, but before too long my body began to succumb to fatigue, the last thing I remember was one of them getting a lucky hit on the back of my head with a blunt object, as darkness clouded my vision and I fell to the ground. Now I lie here staring at the sky, knowing I shouldn’t be alive still. Unless… Oh no… Don’t… Please let me have lived from some random fluke, do not let me be a shadow. I rushed to my feet, only to have a feeling of lightheadedness and almost fall right back on my face.



The End

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