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The clock read 10:34 PM in blue, perched on top a set of knobs and dials for controlling the conditions in the car. The whole car was lit by a red light emitted by the cd player read 93.3 on the radio. The songs name was Haunted by disturbed. Tom had it playing low just to keep himself awake as he drove through the darkened road lit by the cars lonely headlights that sliced through the darkness.

'your beaten and so am I! I've got a heart of stone! No medication can draw what has taken hold.'

The speakers played, setting up the mood for the late night drive. Tom let off the accelerator and dropped into third gear. The engine whined as he floored the accelerator pushing the car up the hill.  In the red light traces of fear could be read on his face. He was sweating, he was also showing signs of fatigue, and around him evidence of not taking the effort to eat properly. Wrappers for candy bars, chip bags, beef jerky, coffee cups littered the front seats. It had been 12 hours since his last stop but he couldn't shake the feeling.  The feeling of being followed, the feeling of fear, and being in danger.  He checked his rear view mirror, there was nothing, just the moon, and the stars watching him. The car was still whining in protest as he pushed it up the hill. He checked the rear view mirror again, this time catching the glimpse of  three sets of headlights rounding the corner at the bottom of the hill. His heart started to race.  As he remembered being thrown against the wall helplessly  watching his friend getting beaten to a bloody pulp.

"Come on! come on come on!" He yelled frantically, flooring the pedal. The engine moaned but grudgingly began to speed up.  He reached the top of the hill easily but the going downpart  was going to be a whole new challenge. Especially if he wanted to do it at speed.  He let off the gas pedal ,and put the car into fourth gear.  Ahead was a switchback with little room for error at 110 kilometres an hour.  Just as he neared the corner he put on the breaks getting the cars wieght forward.  He then let off the breaks and  cranked the wheel ,dropping back into third. Accelerating mid way as his car began to slide towards the concrete  wall on the other side of the road. His tires began to screech in protest, the car's engines whined again. He made the turn but the bad news was his pursuers headlights were beginning to appear over the crest of the hill.  It was obvious he couldn't outrun these guys, not in this car, not even if he was the best driver in the world.

 Approaching the cars maximum speed of 130 Kilometers an hour, the engine was howling, behind him the pursuers were rounding the corner, the head lights began  to light up the inside of his car. Ahead was another corner this one was not as tight but it had a steeper depression than the last turn. Applying the breaks again he dived for it forcing the car's weight forwards. Comfortable that he could make it around the 180 degree turn Tom relaxed, a bad idea. The back of his car started fishtailing. He lost control and began to spin, heading towards the railing. He countered steered, and applied some gas managing to soften up his impact against the concrete wall. His car compacted itself on the wall and shards of glass, sliced across his face, and the air bag exploded.  The car slid forwards  emitting a horrible metallic shrieking noise that filled the night. A few moments after the crash, Tom became aware of his situation, beaten and cut up he frantically removed himself from the seat as the lights of his pursuers lit up the scene.

Car doors were opened and slammed shut, he could see six menacing shadows making their way to him. In a panicked fashion he managed to remove himself from the car and crawl through his broken windshield. The broken glass cut him drawing more of his blood, while increasing the pain he already felt.  He did his best to keep his mouth shut through the pain, but he couldn't help but yelp a couple times as the pain became to much.  There was nowhere to go he couldn't hide himself so he ran, clinging onto his life. The pursuers chased after him, he had no choice but to turn around and confront his fears.  A wooden bat missed his face by mirror inches when he did turn around. Tom ducked and charged forwards knocking his pursuer to the ground, the clicking of a switchblade sounded from his left, he moved feeling the knife catch on his jacket.  Footsteps behind him revealed his next attacker, he sidestepped to his right but not fast enough as a man got a grip on his arm.

"I got him!" The man yelled gleefully. The man with the knife advanced forwards with a vicious look crossing his half lit face.  Tom hadn't the energy nor the strength to break free of the grip this man had on his arm.

"Are you done Tom Phillips?" The man with the knife said, " You can't run anymore, your wings are clipped. Has all the fight left you?"  Tom didn't dignify the man with a response.  Maybe it was because he was to scared, or he was still rattled by his crash.

"Say something you slimy coward." The man that was holding him said bending his arm awkwardly, causing him to yell out in pain.

" I have nothing to say." Tom said, " I don't have anymore cards to play."

"That's too bad Tom! It's been one hell of a goose chase you led us on, and you aren't going to bother telling us why? You're a wanted man Tom, you knew it was coming to you either way so why did you run. What have you got to live for?" A man said carrying an impressive looking desert eagle, from behind the others, Tom could recognize that voice anywhere.

" Max, who would have thought you would have come personally for a lowly ex-zero."

" Lowly, or not you've been quite a thorn in my side Tom." Max said.

 Tom retorted, "I'm honoured."

"I'm glad you are. Now tell us where did you hide her!" Max  threatened pointing the gun hard on his head. Tom didn't flinch.

" I'm only an ex-zero Max, and a lowly one at that, even if I did know they probably moved her somewhere else!"

"Don't twist the story on me Tom. I know you were there when they took her. You were still working for them."

"Exactly my point, they didn't tell me, and I left them, forfeiting everything. I don't know where she is!" He yelled.

"Just kill him boss. Even if..."

"Shutup!" He said pressing the gun so hard to Tom's head he threw him to the ground. The gun clicked.

"Tom you left them. Why are you protecting their secrets?"

"Because Max, I am not a traitor,not like you!  I just don't want to be part of this nightmare anymore!"

"You don't want to be part of this nightmare anymore?" He said mockingly, "You can't just leave this all behind Tom. No matter how lowly of a zero you are. You still carry the memories of being a zero. Traces of it will still be in your blood. You will never be completely human. Never live a completely normal life.. The only way to leave this all behind is if you die! Now for the last time; where is she?!"

" I don't know!"


The End

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