"Are you alright?"

"Help me..." She whispered and slumped to the ground.

    Gabriella came in and out of conciousness and she could hear people around her. She felt herself being lifted up and moved onto what felt to be concrete. She heard the screams before the heat reached her body. She heard the blast of the explosion her car had created and she felt everyone hovering around her. She heard people calling out God's name, and the paramedics crying out instructions, she even heard someone whisper how lucky she had been. Her head ached uncontrollably and the voices around her slowly faded away and her world that she once looked upon dissapeared into pure nothingness. She did not know if she was concious or if this was purely her imagination. When all seemed black and her life appeared to be over, a bright light lit her vision and she felt an instant warmness rush over her. She felt her mind, spirit, whatever she currently was look up and straight into the light she saw the outline of what appeared to be a woman. Her long colourless hair flew about her and a surreal dress hovered at her legs. When her face came into view she appeared young, but old at the same time. She had wisdom, Gabriella could tell, but she also had the feeling of innocence. She was a Guardian as well as a Keeper. Gabriella thought she had died, for this woman looked like an Angel.

The woman crinkled her heavenly blue eyes as warmth eminated from them and her perfectly bright white teeth shone through her slightly parted mouth.

"I am no Angel." She spoke silently, yet loud enough for her voice to echo.

How did you know what I was thinking? Gabriella wanted to ask but found the she could not speak.

The light brightened and Gabriella saw the angel like woman speak but she heard nothing... yet her mind felt like it was absorbing the inaudible information. The brightness of the light seemed brighter than the sun and with a quick pang of nausea she awoke on the black asphalt of the country road. Rain washed down upon her from the heavens as her eyes adjusted to her surroundings. Police cruisers lined one section of the highway and an ambulance stood several feet from her, it's lights shining through the darkness of the night. People were everywhere. They appeared to be looking down a hill at someone just out of reach of her eyesight, and people in uniforms seemed to be swarming around her, not knowing that she was awake. She sat up and looked over at a man kneeling by her side. He had hazel eyes that showed pity and midnight black tousled hair. His strong facial features were contorted into a warm smile and he appeared to be asking her a question.

"I'm sorry?" Gabriella managed as she tried to focus on reality.

"Do you have any head pain? Headache? Double Vision? Nausea?" He asked again, his voice full of concern.

"No..." She answered quietly. "What... What happened?"

"Ma'am you were in a car accident. Pretty bad one too, you sure nothing hurts?" He moved to her legs and started flexing her left foot. "Any lose of sensation in any part of your body? Legs? Feet? Toes or fingers?"

"No. I feel fine. Wait, how serious was it?" She looked around for her blue car and she started to get up. "Where's my car? Can I at least see the damage?"

"One moment." He said looking at her as he walked towards an African American man. While they talked Gabriella got up on her feet and she lifted her hands to her head. Jake wasn't going to be happy. He had given her that car as a birthday present a few months prior and it was apparently already wrecked. She started walking towards the hill that everyone was collecting at and she felt people staring at her. Some even stopped what they had been doing or writing to stare at her. She arrived at the hill and she felt a chill run through her spine. She stood staring down with a blonde woman and her husband on her left and a teenage brunnette on her left. She looked down and felt surprised to not feel any fear or confusion. She knew what had happened, yet her mind was hiding something from her, she just simply sensed it. She felt her muscles tense as she stared down at what had been her car. Now it no longer resembled a car, but more like a large unidentified object which had caught fire.

"You want to know how serious your car accident was?" The attractive man was back beside her now staring down the hill. He turned and stared into her blank face and spoke slowly. "My name is Doctor Lukes, and Ma'am, you should be dead right now."

The End

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