Entering LiamsonMature

Aria headed the entire pack, and looked down the hill to see the gates of Liamson. "Hey guys!" She shouted. "We made it!"

"FINALLY!!!" Charles grumbled. "Any longer and I swear I would have slaughtered you all in your sleep!"

"Oh, don't be so dramatic." Click stated. "Aria probably would have kicked your ass again before you got the chance."

"What was that?" Charles growled.

"Now, now. Let's not make a scene." Lynn interrupted, trying to act as team arbiter.

"Yeah, we're just outside the gates. Do you think they'll let us in acting like a bunch of nitwits?" Click asked.

"Do you honestly think they'll let us in with a Stygian accompanying us?" Charles responded, gesturing to Karkid.

Karkid made a weird noise, but their was no mistaking what it meant: discontent.

Conrad nodded. "As much as I hate to agree with this fleabag, he has a point. The sight of a Stygian is basically the sign of the Dark Lord's armies are at their doorstep."

"They already are." Aria responded. "But you make a good argument. Fujistu, any suggestions?"

"Disguise time!" Fujitsu yodeled. He opened up his magic briefcase and pulled out all manner of cloth, leather and fur. He covered Karkid with just about everything, until he looked like... well... a guy wearing way too much clothing.

"Whatcha think?"

"Well..." Aria looked at him, then the overdressed Karkid, then back to Fujitsu. "He doesn't look like a Stygian anymore at least."

"Then let's go!" Fujitsu charged forward and knocked on the gate doors.

The guards looked over the rampart and saw them, looked at each other, and decided it wasn't worth asking the questions they normally asked. So they opened the gates.

"I'm honestly surprised that this empire rose to begin with, let alone that it has survived as long as it has." Charles spoke aloud.

"Hey, look on the bright side. We're in now." Aria answered.

The End

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