Chapter 4: Snake on a hot tin... guy?Mature

They had walked long enough that the sun was past the highest point of the sky. Kara's eye battered open. Stretching a bit. "Good--now I can stop carrying you... you weigh.. odd" Click stated easing her off of his back.

Kara stands on the spot, getting her bearings and what not. Stretching and yawning more. "Does she do anything other than sleep?" Charles snorts roughly.

Kara turns kind of in her mid morning daze, "oh--what... huh... I heal stuff. Team Cleric, oath to protect life."

Click checks his armour plates and grumbles, "why--why do we never consider getting her a wheel barrow?"

Kara hugs into Click, "I dunno--resting on top of your armour is like the warmest rock I've ever been on."

Charles laughs a bit. Then just walks forward a few steps, "so--the Lamia is attached... I was not entirely certain."

Click frowns, "why... why does everybody keep saying that." Then jumps over to Lynn arm around her shoulder gripping her tightly, "everybody knows Click loves the really saucy elf women." Then quickly lets her go, to which she shoes him off barely noticing a world outside the book she was intently studying.

Kara stretches an' starts slithering a bit. "Sorry--just a bit of meal hasn't fully digested properly." Kara burps up what looks like a guards' shirt button. Click caught notice--and did realise that a fair amount of the guards were 100% dead... she did have that policy on not wasting dead creatures' bodies. Click just looked at the bag where Kara stuffed the button. Kara did not leave anything on the path--if she could help it.

Kara rolls her shoulders back, smiling, "do not worry--I should be fine to walk/guard what not tonight."

Click scanned around the area. Fujitsu was forcing himself awake--because he was very tired. Some other insanity mixed in there. Charles would likely also stay awake for the night. Karkid seemed to only sleep at nap time--Click could not figure out if Karkid actually needed that sleep or not.

Click looks over to Kara, hand behind his head, "hey, we are wanting to make some decent time. Perhaps if a few of the ones okay to travel at night carried a few of the ones that travel by day, sort of thing? Take shifts travelling."

Kara turns to Click, giving an odd smile, "yes."

Charles laughs, "ooh--that is.. snort!" then with his face turning a bit angry, "Wait--when did I get volunteered as a pack mule. I ain't no horse!"

Fujitsu out of nowhere seems to somehow jump onto Charles back--giving him a surprised face, "no! You are a doggy! Riding the doggy!" before jumping off Charles back.

Charles turns to give Fujitsu the look of death... but he appears to be chasing a squirrel in the bushes. Even though there were no squirrels for about five miles from here. Charles giving a tell tale sniff in the air. To check. For Squirrels.

Click turns, "I have a reason for my urgency. I intend to save the day--before it happens. I am the greatest hero... and it requires me getting to Laimson before something very grave happens."

Charles still having issues reading Click--despite a fair amount of fear scents were likely coming off him at all times, "right--and mister big shot, what in Xeronards' basement do we expect to see?" Aria stifled a laugh at the Xeronards slip.

Lynn still reading her book, "oh--Liamson looks like it was the major port of this empire. Which we have no information on that--we do know it clears out. By something. We do not know what."

Charles looks around, "it is not just Fujitsu is it? You are all not well in the head, aren't you? Well--sure... why not.. if I die at Liamson at least I will die how I lived."

Fujitsu looks up, "with that wet dog smell?"

Charles still in human mode, indignitely yells, "surrounded by morons!"--not having the energy to wolf out, screams and chases after Fujitsu who started treating it like it was some odd game.

The End

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