Based on his last encounter with these, Fujitsu would be having a very difficult time against this number of Stygian assassins. As a matter of fact, he would probably have to back down and run (that is, if he didn’t fall into any traps). He was weak against assassins.

                However, this time was different. Despite the ambush, Fujitsu was completely focused, using all his accumulated knowledge of the martial arts and swordsmanship with expertise. Leg sweep with a quick stab to the heart, pull back his swallow to stab another Stygian that was trying to kill him from behind as well as break the arm of one from the side in one fluid motion. He figured out that even that short amount of time without actual practice had weakened him considerably, which is why he went to train in the forest. Even that short amount of time was enough to get him back to top form. Although, it felt as if something was helping him, as well….

                While facing four Stygians that jumped in front of him, he noticed that Aria dashing straight for him with a new weapon (he didn’t bother thinking about that), or rather, for behind him. Fujitsu took the hint and used his gun-blade to shoot behind him, twirled his swallow, charging his “Wind Slash” ability, and spun, releasing a swirling disk of sorts that surrounded his radius and cut the monsters in half, and by luck he cut up some of their traps. He didn’t even have to look to shoot at the stygian whose allies were trying to have surprise him. In the end, fifteen dead Stygians lay dead at his feet.

                Aria couldn’t believe her eyes. How could he have improved that much in one day and night!? Was he just holding back all this time, was he thinking his insanity dictated himself to get better? She knew that Fujitsu a student of Jonou Arisan, but she still couldn’t wrap her head around it.

                “Oi, Aa-chan. Are you alright there?” Fujitsu asked, already in front of her, inspecting her eyes.

                Aria jumped. “Oh! Uh, yeah, I’m fine…. Wait, where are all the Stygians? Did we kill them already?”

                “Pretty much,” Charles grunted, transforming back into his human state, hanging his whip around his neck, exhausted. “It was… ah, a nice warm up. Though I’ll be damned if I have to transform again today; it’s draining the hell out of me.”

                Looking down at him in disapproval, Fujitsu said, “Well, hopefully it’ll drain all of it out. Maybe then you could go to Paradise.”

                Charles snapped, “Shut the hell up, demon spawn!!” Despite his angry face, Aria could see that there was an unsettled look on the werewolf’s face.

                “Fine, fine,” Fujitsu sighed, turning away. “<Dumbass b***ard.>”

                “<I dare you to say that to my face>!” Charles yelled, jumping up.

                Fujitsu looked dumbfounded. Slowly he crept up to the werewolf, staring into his eyes with vigorous intensity. Charles was now a bit creeped out.

                “What now?” he inquired Fujitsu, glaring at him.

                Fujitsu replied, “Are… are you a genie as well???”

                “… What.”

                Crossing his arms and tilting his head, Fujitsu stated, “Well, you understood my language, no doubt, since you replied fluently like that. Only a genie can do that.”

                “Nnnnnooo…. Werewolves can get abilities passed down by whoever bit them,” Charles told Fujitsu, “and the one that got me happened to have some perma-spell that let him understand and speak all languages. Or something.”

                “Was he a genie as well?”

                Charles put on a “you’re such a dumbass” look, and then proceeded to bang his head on a nearby tree.

                “Don’t worry! You get used to it pretty quickly!” Click called from the other side of the trail, a bit ways up ahead.

                “If I haven’t gotten used to him yet, how do you think that he’ll ever get used to that nut?” Conrad retorted.

                Lynn was busy taking notes on Fujitsu’s sudden change in behavior towards Charles, as well as Charles’ reaction to it.

                Kara lay curled up on a sunny patch of rock by Click.

                “By the way, Aria, that’s a nice sword you’ve got there. Where did you find it?” Fujitsu asked, taking a good look at the silver sword.

                “Oh, I just found it in a tree over there,” Aria said, pointing to the tree in question.

                “Can I see it?”

                Aria nodded and gave the blade to Fujitsu, of which he carefully inspected. He took a good while in looking at it, running his eyes up and down the blade. By the look on Fujitsu’s face, anybody could definitely tell that he was deeply impressed by the excellent craftsmanship that forged the sword.

                “Hey, listen,” Conrad said. “Don’t you all think that we’d better get moving? You know, so we don’t get ambushed again?”

                “Thank you….” Charles grumbled, rubbing his aching head, putting himself in the head of the group again.

                Everybody had started following Charles except for Fujitsu, who seemed to be mesmerized by Aria’s new blade. “Uh, Fuji? Are you coming?” Aria called.

                “Uh-huh,” Fujitsu just barely mumbled, before following suit.

The End

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