Chapter 4: Silver SwordMature

Aria drew her dagger and then reached instinctively to the opposite side of her hip... and when she felt empty air, she cursed herself. "Damn, I forgot I lost one of my daggers."

"Well, that's just GREAT!" Charles grunted, slamming a couple of Stygian Assassins into a nearby tree. Aria half expected him to continue berating her, but instead he held his tongue, maybe because he was too focused on survival right now... or maybe his throat was sore from all the complaining. Either way, the silence was a little nice...

Until a Stygian Assassin kicked her in the back and sent her flying over the bushes, causing her to drop her dagger. Aria landed face first into a tree, and fell to the ground, her pride hurt just a bit, but mostly she was mad.

"Okay... now I'm pissed off." Aria muttered. "I've been smacked around like a ragdoll for the past three days, by a Dark Lord's Shadow, by Ultritch Draconis... and now by a GODDAMN STYGIAN! I can only take so much!" Aria slammed her fist against the tree she hit earlier, and the wood cracked a bit, and the sound the tree made was a hollow thud... which peeked Aria's curiosity. She looked at the tree and saw a hollow opening in the bark... and something inside it that glinted like fine metal. Her bandit instincts kicked in.

"Well, well, what have we here?" She said in a sing song voice, her anger forgotten by this turn of good fortune. She reached inside and grabbed the shiny object, and pulled it out with some effort.

It was a sword, but unlike any sword she had ever seen before. It had a single edge with a hooked tip, a mixture of sword designs from both the East and the West. A blade for cutting and a point for thrusting... like a katana mixed with a rapier. The blade itself glinted like silver, and the handle was intricately designed, but function still remained the primary purpose. A single ruby sat in the center of the hilt, and it shined brightly in the morning sun.

Aria smiled to herself. "Well, aren't you the loveliest little sword that I ever had the pleasure of holding!" She sheathed it on her back, and snickered. "I bet I'll make more off of selling this in Liamson than Fujitsu could selling his gunblade!"

The End

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