Chapter 4: This is a Joke... right? Wrong.Mature

As if traveling with the crazed, insultive, and pure pain in the ass werewolf wasn't bad enough, having to get helped by Aria was another matter all together.  It was really like he hadn't even doing a thing, and it showed.  Okay, so maybe he had instigated the fight, but damn it, someone needed to put that wolf in it's place, if only to get him to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Conrad, upset?  Not a chance.  Of course, the sudden arrival of the trunk had Conrad back into combat mindset, not looking at the trunk but at the area around them.  If someone wanted to attack them, this would be perfect time to do it.  "Fujistu, WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT UP FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE!?" Conrad growled, throwing a death glare at the warrior in question.

There!  That rustle again.  Raising from his knee, Conrad eased his way forward, his rifle poised and ready.  Just as he reached the edge of the road near the point of hte sound, the glint of metal coated in something vile flashed in the bushes.  "AMBUSH!" Conrad yelled, firing a quick burst, causing a dozen or so assassin Stygians to jump out from around them, though it was clear the ambush was supposed to happen farther up the road, just from teh disorganization of the group.

Lynn however much she wanted to find out how Fujistu was able to make a trunk move like that, didn't waste the time, drawing her pistol, and shooting at the assassin jumping at her, it's claws poised to pierce her chest.  The foe dropped, clutching at it's arm, the claws discarded while it was dazed.  This was odd, that they'd be attacked at this point.  Almost like Xeranad was afraid of them, and was doing what he could to stop them.

If that was the case, then the group was definitely on the right path.

The End

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