Chapter 4: Battle LogMature

                “And another thing,” Charles barked, glaring at everybody in the group. Conrad groaned quietly. “Even if you were powerful enough to take on Xeranad, you’re all too injured to be of any use! You might as well slit your throats now.”

                “So, what about you? You weren’t much help against that Ulritch-guy yourself. You got most of the heat, too,” Conrad retorted, jabbing his finger in Charles’ direction, his patience wearing thin.

                The werewolf grinned devilishly. “True, I got my ass handed to me by him last night, but if there were a full moon out, heh, well, I’d say that I’d have slaughtered you all with ease.” He licked his lips hungrily. An unnoticed chill ran down Click’s spine.

                “Besides,” he continued, “werewolves heal a lot quicker than humans do, and wounds don’t bother me much. But enough of this, you can still waste energy from talking, so let’s just shut the hell up, m’kay?”

                Nobody was in the mood for talking either way, so they just trekked in silence for a good while. Karkid started acting a bit cranky from hunger in a couple of hours, so Click suggested that the group sit down in an upcoming clearing to eat some lunch. Just about everybody had at least one thing packed with them. As for Charles, he had nothing except for the pants on his legs and his weapons, so he swiftly ran away from the group and back in a matter of minutes, having caught three rabbits, then began eating them raw. Aria didn’t have much of an appetite after that.

                They spent about another hour traveling before Kara smelled something. “There seems to be a group off the path. I cannot tell what they are. And another… thing closer by.”

                Conrad readied his rifle at the warning, but Charles just laughed. “Alright, shoot, I won’t stop you, but don’t expect me to help you when the Stygians surround here.”

                “There are Stygians here?” Aria asked confusedly, still feeling a bit groggy.

                Charles gave her a blank look. “Of-f***ing-course there are Stygians here. They’re everywhere. Everybody knows that. C’mon, even you can’t be that retarded.”

                Aria was about to defend herself when Conrad finally snapped. “That’s it!” he yelled, striding up to Charles. “I’m tired of your goddamn attitude! I don’t know what the hell makes you think you have the right to insult us at every step, but if you don’t stop it, I swear your neck will snap like a twig!” In the background, Lynn was looking rather confused.

                “Is that a challenge, elf?” The werewolf narrowed his eyes to slits, and even then you could still see the dangerous gleam in them. In response, Conrad readied his knife. “You were supposed to be on Death Row, anyway.”

                Transforming, Charles yelled, “WRONG MOVE.” His transformation seemed to be a lot quicker this time around. Click noticed why; he wasn’t nearly as powerful as he should have been, even at that moment. He was delaying his power for the quicker change so he could throw Conrad off balance. The question was, was he?

                He glanced to the future elf quickly enough to see him hesitate for a second. He’d take that as a yes.

                With breakneck speed, Charles dashed to Conrad at the moment of his hesitation, swiping away his combat knife with one hand and seizing his neck in the other. Even then, his strength was catching up to him. The battle was over before it began.

                Conrad tried to struggle against Charles’ grip, but it was futile. All he could do was make choking sounds. “Regretting that, eh? Well, I’ll kill you soon enough, you puny, miserable being,” the werewolf growled, putting his snout up to Conrad’s face.

                Then, as soon as Charles snatched Conrad’s neck, Aria sprung from the sidelines and delivered a surprisingly powerful jump kick right in Charles’ face. In plain shock, he released the soldier and he dropped to the ground, massaging his neck and gasping for air. The werewolf hit the ground hard (as well as his head) and Aria wasted no time in slamming onto his ribcage with both her knees and fist, doing her best to make sure that he wouldn’t get up.

                “Now, you listen here!” she snapped. “I know your stupid behavior is something you learned growing up, so I can accept your insults to us. But I will NOT let you even ATTEMPT to hurt any of my friends, or anybody, for that matter. Especially when I’m supposed to keep you in check. So, the gods help you, if you try doing that again, I will PUMMBLE you. Do I make myself clear?”

                At first Charles just looked shocked, but scowled as soon as Aria finished her scolding. All the same, he reluctantly nodded, not breaking eye contact with her. As she returned the nod, she got up and backed away from him, still ready for any retaliation.

                Charles morphed back into his human state and got back up, obviously feeling pain from the kick and knees. Click knew that he wouldn’t do anything like that again anytime soon (making sure to explain that to Conrad before he struck Charles back). In fact, despite his anger, he could tell that Charles had gained some respect for Aria for that. Hell, even he wouldn’t think of Aria quite in the same way after seeing her taking down a werewolf.

                “Well, let’s get going, shall we?” Aria suggested, starting back on the path again. Charles held her back, then began to walk in front of her. Aria thought he was just trying to establish himself as the Alpha Male, but paid no mind to it. Shaking her head, she was about to follow suit. That’s when a large explosion sounded to the side of them.

                That was one second. The next second, some medium-sized object rammed into the side of Charles’ head. The third, Charles was on the ground, already cursing, and a chest plopped down after hitting a tree.

                As the group (sans Charles) surrounded the trunk with caution, Fujitsu popped out of the trunk with righteous vigor. “<Hell yeah! Did I win? I totally won, right?!>” Upon seeing the group, he froze, an insane smile etched into his face. “Oh, huh. I didn’t expect anybody to actually be here. So…. I totally won, right?”

                “What was it that you won?” asked Kara, more interested in that, rather than the fact that Fujitsu just appeared out of nowhere from a trunk.



-Ten Minutes Ago-

                Fujitsu bowed respectfully to a log that sat in front of his dead campfire. “My apologies, log, but in order to return to my old self, I have decided that I must break you and your brethren in order to get back my old strength. Fear not, for it is for a noble cause, so please bear with me.”

                He took a deep breath and calmed himself, physically and mentally. Then, with much gusto, he struck down at the log with perfect form and exceptional power. The chop landed. Everything seemed to freeze for a moment. Fujitsu then collapsed on the ground and clutched his hand in pain.

                “I said, ‘it is for a noble cause’!” he yelled, getting up and kicking the chunk of wood. Only some of the bark started to wear. Fujitsu’s eyebrow twitched.

                Trying again and again with different techniques for a couple of minutes, he kept yelling “FOR A NOBLE CAUSE!!!” expecting the log to just accept its fate and split in half. Except it didn’t.

                Fujitsu glared at it. “I see how it is, then.” After etching a sad face on the log, Fujitsu walked with military fashion to his trunk, his camp already packed up and stuffed into it, and readied his gun-blade. “Farewell… Log.” Without any hesitation, he leapt into his trunk, completely sinking into it, closed the top most of the way, and took aim with his weapon.

                Instead of just shooting rapidly with it, though, he began to gather energy into the gun. It heated up and started vibrating dangerously. Fujitsu didn’t even have to fire it himself; the gun-blade just couldn’t take it and fired on its own.

                It is safe to assume that the log lost.



                “And that’s how it happened!” Fujitsu cheered, holding his hands up, as if to show his victory.

The End

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