Chapter 4: Road to LiamsonMature

"Have I told you how crazy you all are?"

"Multiple times, Charles. Multiple times." Aria answered.

"Here you all are, a bunch of so called 'heroes', out to save the world from the single most powerful entity on the face of this world, and you honestly think you stand a chance? Do I even need to take apart this with logic?"

"Try all you want. Still doesn't change the fact that we are still going to go through with it." Aria answered, this time more matter of frankly.

"Suicidal bitch."

"I heard that."

"GOOD! THEN YOU'RE LISTENING!!!" Charles snarled. "You honestly think you can defeat Lord Xeranad? You needed help to defeat Ultritch! His third in command! Even if you become stronger on the trip, you would still be outmatched! There is nothing you can do to stop him! Because you are a weak, pathetic, girl!"

"You done?"

"Yeah. I'm done."

"Good." Aria then turned around and slapped him in the face.

"Why, you worthless pile of-"

"NOW, YOU ARE GOING TO LISTEN TO ME." Aria spoke in a very stern and steadfast tone, and Charles shut his mouth. "We are doing this not to save the world, at least that isn't my motivation. My motivation is to eviscerate that bastard for what he did to my family. This is a quest for revenge for me, you understand? It doesn't matter what you think, my mind and heart are set towards his destruction. If you don't like it, turn around and go get your head chopped off by the executioner's axe!"

Charles stared at her for moment, too angry to say anything. Everybody else looked around and sighed. "It's times like this I miss Fujitsu. He would have at least made this much more entertaining and not so... personally awkward." Click stated.

The End

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