Chapter 3 END!!! FINALLY!!!Mature

Aria got out of bed and dressed herself in her bandit attire. She didn't want her new dress to get all messed up. Especially after last night's party crashing.

She hurried to make herself look presentable, and as she was combing her hair, she noticed something strange.

"Is it me... or is my hair getting... lighter in color?"

She shrugged it off. "Must be a trick of the light." She finished up and headed for the courtyard.

There she found everybody all ready to go... except for Fujitsu, whom she guessed was still in the forest training. They would probably meet up later.

She looked at everybody and smiled. "Sorry to have kept you waiting."

"You should be, you little brat. You've been asleep for 10 hours... who does that?!" Charles snarled at her.

"Rough night, couldn't sleep. And you're surprised?"

Charles turned away. "Whatever. Just do your goddamn job, as in, making sure I stay in line... though I doubt you'll be able to do much once I do."

"I wouldn't underestimate me if I were you." Aria retorted smugly. "I'm a bandit. I'd probably steal your confidence from you before even starting!"

"You CANNOT steal concepts such as CONFIDENCE!"

"No?" Aria asked innocently. "Seems to be working on you right now."


"Then get some more." Aria finished the conversation with him with this final statement. "Everybody ready?"


"Good... ON TO LIAMSON!!!"



The End

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