Chapter 3: Remember Why You're up and AwayMature

                Sadly, Aria didn’t get her wish.

                “You had a nightmare. What was it about?” Fujitsu inquired, debating on whether or not holding her would be the sensible thing.

                “Um…” she mumbled, “would you mind we not get into that?”

                “Sure thing,” Fujitsu said, seating himself on Aria’s bed. “I can completely forget about this whole entire thing, if you want.”

                Aria sat herself up, as well. “You don’t have to go that far, Fuu.”

                “Too late. Already done. I would now appreciate it if you would tell me what I am doing here,” he announced cheerfully, with a bright smile.

                “You don’t have to feign amnesia, it’s okay,” she giggled.

                But… I really don’t remember what I am doing here, Fujitsu thought, confused.

                As she looked at him, Aria noticed something different on Fujitsu’s back. It looked like the handle of some sort of gun, which didn’t make any sense, seeing that he was a swordsman. Then she remembered what he said last night.

                “Hey, I see you got your gun-blade.”

                In response, Fujitsu got excited and jumped off her bed, drawing the sword. “Oh, yeah!” he exclaimed, holding it up so that the blade gleamed in the light. “That must be the reason I came back here from the forest!”

                The blade itself was a long, thin rapier that didn’t look all too impressive, though it probably really was. The barrel for the gun, however, had much detail put into it. It was about half the length of a shotgun’s barrel, and what looked to be ancient runes lightly marked the middle of it, with something that was like an electric vine wrapping itself around the gun to the very end of the handle. It seemed to clash with the design of the blade.

                Slicing the air some (cutting the floor and furniture near it a little), Fujitsu claimed, “This is an awesome weapon! Not only is the blade really light, but the gun part of it is convenient.”

                “How so?” Aria asked as she threw her sore legs over the side of her bed.

                Fujitsu immediately shot out the open window ten times to answer that, scaring the bandit. Although, the shots were pretty quiet

                “Did you see the bullets?” Fujitsu asked, staring at Aria.

                “Uh… no. I-Is it supposed to fire them really fast?”

                He shook his head. “Nope. Well, maybe. I can’t tell with guns. Just keep on watching.”

                Fujitsu continued to fire more and more shots out the window, having to stop once to talk to some very-on-edge guards who busted into the room to see what was going on. After that, Fujitsu just kept on shooting. Aria, who was still pretty tired, didn’t question the fact that he wasn’t reloading until he made his thirty-something shot.

                “So, did you figure it out?” Fujitsu said, after Aria asked how he was still shooting. “See, the great thing about the gun is that it uses energy from the user for the bullets. I have a lot of energy. You get the picture, right?”

                She stared at the weapon in awe. “That is convenient. How much did it cost?”

                “Well, it would have been a lot more expensive, but the weapons dealer elf-guy knocked off some talons in thanks for what we did yesterday.” He explained, sheathing his new weapon.

                “So… how much?”

                “All the talons I got from the Stygians.” Fujitsu stated, smiling in triumph.

                Aria didn’t really know what to say; she didn’t even know how much he got from them in the first place. He did say expensive, though….

                Walking to the door (left open, courtesy of the guards) Fujitsu said, “Well, I’m off to the forest to train some more. Take your time and heal and come to visit me when you can. For me, it’s time to get crack-oops, there goes my legs.” As he said the last bit, his legs gave away and he fell flat on his face.

                “Fujitsu!” Aria cried, getting to her feet. The soreness made it a little difficult. “Are you okay?”

                Fujitsu got up in a handstand, in response. “Whoops,” he snickered. “I guess that took a lot more out of me than I thought. But enough of this. Time to get back to the forest.”

                “But… your legs?”

                “LEGS ARE FOR THE WEAK!” Fujitsu yelled, sprinting forward and down the hallway, down the stairs, out of the building, onto the roads and away.


In the courtyard, Charles sat down on a stone bench, surrounded by five surly-looking guards, since Aria was not there to do her job. He sighed; the soldiers glared and tightened their weapons ever so slightly.

“Is there really a need for five of you people to be here?” he inquired, glaring at the two in front of him. “Don’t you have anything else to do other than babysit me?”

“It’s not to keep you in check, werewolf, but more to give the citizens a sense of security,” came the curt reply from one of the guys in back of him.

“Eh, fair enough,” was all Charles could say, even though he could feel their mistrust beating at him from all around. It was getting pretty annoying, he had to admit, but if he did something to them, he would be sentenced to death again, with no way out, and he could forget about living in that land promised to him by the Prince in peace: even he knew he would go straight to Hell were he to die.

With that reminder of the battle from the night before, he looked down at himself. The only real thing he had on were his shredded pants (which still covered him modestly, surprisingly). The rest of his body was covered in unneeded bandages. While he normally didn’t care if he was naked or not, he supposed that, since he was in civilization, he might as well get something to wear. This wasn’t his turf, anyway.

As he stood up, he said, “Hey, you, do any of you know where I can get something to wear?”

                 One of the guards to the left of him replied, “You can go to the shopping district in town to find something your size, but we are not permitted to take you outside the castle without the girl, Aria.”

                Charles couldn’t help but laugh. “Without the- Hahahahahahah! Why do you all place so much trust and confidence in that runt? And just where the hell is she, anyway?”

                Just then, Fujitsu came dashing by on his arms, yelling, “Because-she-is-a-much-better-person-than-you-and-she-just-woke-up-so-there!”

                The six of them just watched as he sprinted out of the courtyard.

                “… I’ll just go with what the retard said.” Charles mumbled, seating himself back down, hunched over. It was as if the energy spilling out from Fujitsu diminished his own. In any case, if she just woke up, he might was well wait.

                He glanced at the sun dial next to the bench, which read somewhere around 2:30. She’s injured, yeah, but who the hell sleeps for ten hours?

The End

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