Drunken QuestionsMature

Click turned, seeing Lynn.  "Ah!  Good to see you Lynn.   I was just trying to figure something out..."  He said, walking towards her, rocking back and forth a little more than should be safe.

Lynn blinked twice, not understand what he was talking about.

Click paused at the door way, leaning on the wall so he didn't slump to the ground.  "I was thinking about Liamson.  What's so important about that place Xernand is going after it?" He asked, not able to figure it out.

Lynn shrugged.  "I'm not really sure.  History says the city was wiped out overnight by a violent outbreak of some new disease, about this time period.  Before, it was shaping to be one of the most elegant, beautiful, self-absorbed cities built by man.  It's navy was of little equal, and the fact it was the only free port left, this ensured it's place up until that plague." She said, thinking on the subject.

Click looked surprised.  "Wait, you mean it gets wiped out, by a plague?"

Lynn shook her head.  "No, it's people wiped themselves out overnight by a mysterious plague.  There was no known cause or agent to create such a radical change in so many people so quickly."  She said, pointing out the flaw in his thinking.

"I...  see.  Well, I guess history is getting changed then.  We're going to save that city!" Click said, standing up, a bit too fast, and falling forward to crash into Lynn and slam them both into the ground, him atop her.  "Ya 'now...  Ya'r kenda kinky for an elf..." He slurred, the alcohol in his system taking over.  In fact, he even began to hump her, he was so drunk.

Lynn was confused more than surprised.  "Excuse me?  Click?  Click?  Can you please get off me?" She said trying to push him off, if only so she could breath without feeling like she was going to be crushed.

The End

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