Chapter 3: Aria's DreamMature

Aria went straight to bed. Upon putting the covers around her frame, she sighed, "What a day..."

And, exhausted, finally stumbled into the embrace of sleep.


Aria looked around her, and saw nothing but flames. This damn dream again. She told herself. I should be past this by now... when will this nightmare stop tormenting me?!

Aria looked around her, and the flames continued to rise higher. She saw the slaughtered remains of her friends and family, and saw a figure in a black cloak and wielding a blood red sword standing in the flames... a figure dressed in golden armor beside him. Strange... never seen him before in my dreams. Aria told herself. But she knew what was going to happen next regardless. The man would approach her, and raise his sword...

But this time, something entirely new happened. A figure in black armor and red hair stepped in front of the man in the black cloak... and began to fight one another. Aria saw a fight she never thought she would ever see... The Dark Knight Alexander battling the Dark Lord Xeranad Lekard. The figure in gold approached Aria, and smiled warmly. "Enjoying yourself?"

"How can you say that?!" Aria answered angrily. "This is my home, my family... and you and your master have taken it all away from me! ARE YOU PROUD OF YOURSELVES FOR DESTROYING EVERYTHING?!?!"

The golden armored figure shook his head. "Who said we were proud of who we are? What could Xeranad possibly gain from such senseless destruction?"

Aria opened her mouth to reply... but no answer formed in her mind like she had expected. No words came from her opened mouth, and instead, a tear ran down her cheek. "I don't know..."

"Then answer me this... how would you act if something precious to you was taken so mercilessly from you, that everything you believed to be right about the world was turned upside down... how would you view life then?" The man asked.

"THAT'S ENOUGH." A voice echoed. "This is her dream... and you have no place in it... Hyperion."

The golden armored figure melted away to reveal a man dressed in blue and orange and black... Hyperion Tempus the Time Mage. Aria was immediately furious.

"How dare you invade my mind like this? This is my sanctuary! My sole place of solitude! What goes on in my mind is mine alone to ponder, no one else's!" Aria attempted to grb Hyperion, but he vanished.

Aria screamed in anger. "What the hell are you trying to tell me?! Why can't you just say it instead of giving me cryptic visions and riddles? Are you trying to drive me into insanity?"

No answer. Having nothing to direct her anger towards, she fell onto her knees and began to cry. "Why... why, why, why?" She kept asking herself...


"Aria... wake up!" Fujitsu's voice broke into her darkened dream like a ray of sunshine. Aria opened her eyes and sat up. She laid a hand on her pillow, and noticed that it was wet. She then put a hand on her cheek and felt it was wet too. She had been crying in her sleep.

"Are you alright, A-chan?" Fujitsu asked, concerned.

"I'm... I'm alright. Thanks." Aria didn't want to worry Fujitsu for no reason, so she hoped to let the conversation drop there.

The End

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