Chapter 3: Everything Always Works Out in the EndMature

                Fujitsu felt sorry for her. Even he had known his real family longer than she had. Granted, she still had another family longer than he probably had while he lived with a cranky old lethal weapon, but he digressed. He considered bringing up his family, but decided not to; it seemed like it would make him look sorry for himself.

                “So, how long have you been training with that Jonou-guy?” Aria asked. Not exactly family-related, but it was somewhat close.

                He did some mental math. “Ever since I was, what, six to eight? So about ten to eight years. I forget.” Fujitsu sighed and shuffled around a bit. “Of course, I’d been living with him ever since I was three, so I guess that counts as training. Heheh.”

                Aria almost giggled, but then she realized it. “Wait, so you lost your family, like, thirteen years ago?”

                “Almost fourteen,” Fujitsu commented, unblinking. “My birthday is in two months and it all happened on my third birthday, so….”

                He shook his head violently and blinked hard, before somehow jumping to his feet. He plunged his head into the water pool again and kept it there for about half a minute. Aria thought he was committing suicide.

                Trying to pull him out, she yelled, “No! Suicide is not the answer! Don’t do it!”

                Just as suddenly as he dunked his head in, he tugged it back out, knocking Aria off-balance. Fujitsu caught her before she fell (making sure to do it gently, due to her injuries). He couldn’t help but scratch his head in confusion, though.

                “Who said anything about suicide?” he asked. “The conversation was getting kinda depressing, so I decided to refresh myself.” Fujitsu looked from her to the pool a couple of times, considering. “Do you want some refreshing?”

                Aria held up her hands in refusal and smiled weakly. “Nah, I think I’ll pass. I’ll probably just go off to bed now, though.”

                “You better!” called a grumpy voice from the courtyard below. “I’ve heard enough of your damn squawking. I can’t sleep.”

                “Is that you, werewolf? Stop yelling, you’ll wake the whole castle up!” Fujitsu responded, walking to and bending over the second floor balcony barrier, just as loud. Charles just mumbled some unintelligent words, most likely consisted up of swearing.

                Fujitsu nodded in accomplishment and then trotted on back to Aria. “Well, I think that’s enough for tonight,” he said, slicking his hair back again. “I think I’ll bid you a good evening, and I’ll see you when you’re fully healed, whenever that will be.”

                She was confused for a moment, watching as Fujitsu walked in the direction of the stairway, the one that lead to the closest path outside the castle. “Wait! Where are you going?”

                “To train in the woods. I’ve been lacking in my training, as shown from tonight’s battles. So I’m going to look for a nice place with lots of boulders and potentially break my hands,” he replied, looking over his shoulder back at her without breaking stride.


                Fujitsu stopped at the halfway point and turned back to her. “Don’t worry, I’ll mark my territory so that you can find me easily. You’ll probably be hearing some gunshots, too.”

                “Why?” Aria inquired.

                “Well, I searched the stygians that we defeated earlier, and got a good load of money, so I’ll be trying out a gunblade, see what it’s like.”

                The young thief cursed herself for not doing that when she had the chance.

                Fujitsu shrugged. “In any case, next time you see me, I’ll probably be ridiculously stronger.”

                “And how will that work out?” Aria cocked a heavy, sleep-induced eyebrow.

                He shrugged again. “I dunno. Omniscient powers or something? It’ll work out, somehow.

So… G’night, I guess.”

                “Night….” Aria yawned, as she turned to go back to her room.

                And with that, Fujitsu trekked out to the area where he had hidden his stuff for no reason whatsoever so he could trek out to the forest, having no idea that there was just nothing but miles and miles of trees and no boulders to smash.

The End

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