Chapter 3: Question of Purpose/Simple CuriosityMature

Conrad sat outside, atop one of the parapets of the castle, thinking.  His cloak was flapping and bellowing around him, the wind much stronger up here than elsewhere in the city.  He couldn't help but wonder why, or even how, it was he got to this point.  To be frank, he had originally just been a miner, a simple worker, toiling under hundreds of thousands of tons of soil, rock, dirt, and caverns, all in the hopes of seeing the surface of the world...

And now, here he was, on that surface, and he couldn't help but wonder, was it all worth it?  Somehow, the taint of magitek had been absorbed into this place so heavily, as only the power unit of a Magitek Armor could generate...  But they'd found no sign of it.  "What IS going on here?  Why me?  Why us?  Why are we the ones who have to do this, who got picked to lead the way?" Conrad asked the air, doubting he'd receive a response.


Lynn was climbing the stairs to where she figured Conrad would be.  He had always preferred a breeze on his face, be it from simply the shifting thermals in a cavern or the blowing of fresh air here on the surface.  As she climbed, she was already making mental maps in her head, ready to jot them down in her notebooks when she finished.  As she paused on one of the levels leading to where the guest quarters were, she could see Click walking around, still seeming drunk from the nights events.  That, or he gotten himself drunk again.

"You okay there Click?" Lynn asked, stepping into the hallway.  If he was or wasn't drunk, the fact she didn't even consider the fact her outfit accented her very 'shapely' as someone would put it, body.  In fact, if it weren't for the fact Lynn didn't usually pay attention to the world around her beyond her attempt to gather knowledge, she'd have noticed the stares often given to her by the guards and other males in the castle.

The End

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