Chapter 3: Moonlight Q&AMature

                Fujitsu dunked his head in a small, stone water pool. He waited ten seconds before emerging from the cold contents. He himself didn’t want to sleep, but his body disagreed with him, so he decided to disagree with it and force himself to stay awake. It wanted him dead, anyway, so it also counted as payback. The jerk-body.

                Shaking his head dry, his hair flapping all over (having undone his ponytail), he noticed that a grand-father clock right next to him was close to chiming at 4:00. How long had he been awake for? Twenty-four hours, at least. Much of it composed up of fighting or some form of stress, to say the least. In any case, the only people really up around here at this time were the surviving guards, all of them. Not that he blamed the nobles for wanting max security, but he thought that at least some of them should get rest. It was a big day, after all. That, or he would try to find the fairy that always haunted and kept him up whenever he wanted to sleep.

                He looked down at his body. All he was wearing was his gi pants. Most of his torso was just covered up by bandages due to the wounds inflicted on him in the last twenty-four hours. He didn’t really feel like dressing up to walk around; Actually, it felt better on himself to feel the cool breeze. It felt soothing.

                “Fuu, is that you…?” he heard a voice ask to the side of him. Turning, he saw that Aria had come from the corridor to the side of him. She looked pretty tired, to say the least.

                Slicking his hair back so he could see properly, he replied, “Oh, hey, Aa-chan.”

                Walking up to him, she said, “You couldn’t sleep either, huh?”

                “Nah, I just didn’t want to sleep,” he shrugged, “but my body is stupid so this is how I’m punishing it.”

                Either she didn’t find that funny as usual, or she was just too tired to think and laugh about it. Well, she smiled at it, so that must count for something, right?

                Fujitsu slid down beside the pool and sat, relaxed. Aria decided to plop down beside him, rather crudely, per se. It sucks, being tired, Fujitsu thought, before noticing how close she was to him. His heartbeat went up a good amount.

                “So, some day, eh?” he laughed. Aria smiled at his enthusiasm.

                “I guess.”

                They sat for a minute in silence, staring past the gravel railing, into the cloudless night. Fujitsu spoke again. “Hey, about the battle at the party….”

                “Yeah?” She looked up at him, a slight questioning look on her face.

                “Well, umn… are you sure? About being that werewolf’s guard?” Aria nodded, but Fujitsu frowned. “I mean, he’s a wanted criminal, and he obviously shows no… good… stuff in him. He could kill you.”

                “But he still decided to help us. He’s not all bad. He can change,” Aria stated, looking rather sure of herself. She smirked. “Besides, if he does try to attack me, you’ll protect me, right?”

                Fujitsu answered, a little too fast, “Of course I will!” He blushed and looked away.

                Another minute of silence. This time Aria broke the ice. “Um, you know, you never did tell me what your cousin’s name was.”

                Fujitsu’s head snapped towards her. “What about Uncle Miso?”

                “… What?”

                Sliding down onto the floor, Fujitsu replied, “Oh, that’s what we called my cousin. Or, at least, I called him that. I think. All I remember is that he really liked his miso soup. Or maybe it was sashimi…. He was old enough to be my uncle, too.”

                Aria smiled and brought her legs close to her. “I wouldn’t have expected anything else.”

                Fujitsu turned to her again, shocked. “… Don’t tell me you’re a Genie-person, too…!?”

                “Don’t worry, I’m not,” she reassured. Fujitsu calmed down immediately.

                “Oh, okay then.”

                Once again, silence.

                “…Hey Aria?” he looked back up at her. “What was your family like?”

The End

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