Chapter 3: Death of a Character Already? Drinks on me!Mature

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Charles plopped down on the ground, bloody and exhausted. The fight had drained him; it was much tougher than he would have imagined it. If Ulritch was serious about fighting, he wouldn't have lasted a second.
"Aaawwww...." Fujitsu whined, pouting. "I wanted somebody to throw me at his head. It would've killed him for sure."
Kara tilted her head in confusion. "Kill? Why must you kill them? You need only to subdue them."
"To you people, he's too dangerous, lamia," Charles said, looking at her like she was an idiot.
Conrad walked up to the werewolf. "Looking who's talking. You didn't even care who you killed with that axe of yours."
Charles leaned over and snapped his teeth at him; Conrad took a step back and watched as he started morphing back into a human. It took only seconds to do so, and surprisingly, when he was done his pants (shorts now, rather, since the bottom half was ripped during the first transformation) still fit him. The axe shrunk with him, as well.
Charles growled, "You're just lucky that the full moon isn't out tonight. All of you would be dead for sure." He walked past Conrad, looking behind him and glaring at the group. The sooner he left this place and those stupid children, the better.
A group of fifteen soldiers instantly surrounded Charles, either pointed a spear or a sword at him. In his state, he knew he wouldn't stand well against these people, so he froze where he stood, sighing.
A few seconds later the prince and a soldier with more elaborate armor than the rest walked up to the group and passed right through the guards, who were a bit hesitant about letting the prince be so close to such a killer, but the one with him reassured them that it was okay, so they let him pass.
Elric stared at the worn-down man, shaken by the previous events. "So, you're the one who's been killing all passerby to the Flames of Genesis."
"I give everybody fair warning before they choose to deny me," Charles spat. "It is their own fault that they ended up dead."
"Murder is a horrendous crime-"
"Which is why you allow it to go unnoticed in a fair amount of situations" Charles interrupted.
"I will not be interrupted," said Elric with authority, "and we do our best to uphold that law, no matter who it is."
"And yet you have yet to punish a couple who have attempted to break it," the werewolf seethed. The prince looked thoughtful for a moment, then realization spread across his face. He nodded gravely in aprehension.
The two started argueing some more and Aria turned to Click. "Hey, do you know what he meant by that? That statement seemed kinda vague to me."
Looking back at Aria, he answered, "You don't get it? He's obviously talking about his parents."
"What?" she asked in surprise. "Why would they try to murder their own son."
Click walked up to her and said, "You were hit on the head pretty hard, weren't you?"
"Just answer the question," she grumbled, annoyed and embarrassed.
He continued, "Well, most people don't take kindly to werewolves, Aria. It's very common that families try to kill their children if they've been bitten by a werewolf. They don't want to put up with being shunned having people keep their distance around them, their social status drops, and they'd be raising a monster if they let it live. They believe it's the only logical thing to do."
Aria was stunned. Sure, she'd heard that that's what families did in that case, but she'd never believe that it was true. A surge of sympathy rushed over her.
"Enough of this," the prince said loudly, making everybody turn towards him. "You may have had horrible things happen to you, and you may believe that you had a reason to kill those people. But I will not stand to see you kill anymore innocent citizens.
"I hereby sentence you to death, Charles Hamlington, on the accounts of homicide and robbery. Guards, if you will."

The End

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