Chapter 3: Not What I Had in Mind, But I Can't ComplainMature

(Originally posted on Fri Aug 20, 2010)

Aria looked at Charles, eyebrow raised. "You are not being very helpful, you know that?"

Charles just stared at her. "Like I care what you think."

"Uh, guys..." Fujitsu interrupted. "I hate to break this up... but our lives are on the line here..."

Conrad looked at him. "Since when are you the voice of reason?"

Charles shook his head. "I don't need your help. I can handle this jerk by myself." He grabbed his battle axe and jumped right back at Ultritch... only to be sent flying back a second later from being smacked by a tail that sprouted from Ultritch's backside.

Click walked up to Charles. "Sorry, but I don't think he appretiates your method. How about we try mine?"

Charles growled low. "Fine. You want crushed rubble, you'll get it... but don't expect me to follow any other orders afterwards."

Click shrugged. "Fine by me." Charles proceeded to smash the rocks into powdered dust, which Click then used to hide the gunpowder in an elaborate trap.

Click smirked. "All right, it's time for the fireshow. Everybody back up." He lit the bomb and then tossed into the pile of fine dust and gunpowder... which then ignited and exploded right in the face of Ultritch's dragon and creating a psuedo sandstorm.

Ultritch coughed, and his dragon shrieked in surprise. "Ugh... no matter. Already caused enough damage to slow you down... my master's plan is moving along nicely. Bye." With that, Ultritch nicked his dragon with his heel, a command telling the dragon to take off. The dragon complied, and it flew off through the hole it had made upon entry.

The End

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