Chapter 3: Long-lost Post of Forever AgoMature

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Conrad folded his arms and sighed in exasperation, glancing towards the general and his pet. "Nothing, nothing, though I think a more important issue is to find a way to get a good shot in. He isn't a general of Xeranad's army for nothing."
"That shouldn't be too difficult," Charles replied, helping himself to some chicken that had rolled away from the ruined tables, "seeing that he isn't in his best form now. I was actually up there fighting him, so I could see his eyes clearly. He's having a hard time focusing."
'Hard time focusing, eh...?' thought Click, staring at the threats. Even from where he was standing, he could definitely tell that he was having trouble seeing. In fact, it looked like he was staring off into space, so he could gather that his condition slightly worsened.
"Maybe I could go in and-" Aria began, but was cut off by Charles.
"Distract him?" Charles gave a nasty laugh. "Yeah, maybe for three seconds. Even in his state, he could still rip you to shreds, no problem. And he'll be ready for you, lamia," he added to Kara, who looked like she was going to say something.
Karkid went up to him and started trying to talk to him, but the werewolf just said, "Get out of my face, you burnt, black brat."
Click scratched his chin. 'Black... black... pitch black....' A random thought, but he felt that he was onto something.
Fujitsu said, "Oi, you don't have to be mean to the little guy, even if he is a little demon. I suppose you can't see what's on the inside, can you?"
'Can't see....'
The idea then popped into his head the next second.
Click started going through his things, a few seconds later coming up with some of his small bombs.
He turned to Conrad. "Hey, do you still have that knife on you?"
"Uh, yeah, but what do you-" began Conrad.
"Please, just give it to me."
After a moment's hesitation, Conrad pulled the weapon from out of his boot and cautiously handed it to Click.
He then set down all but one of the bombs, proceeding to cut it open, then dumped out some of the gunpowder. Click searched around for a second before setting his eyes on a pile of rubble near Charles.
"Hey, you," Click said to the werewolf. "Would you crush that pile of stone till it's dust?"
Charles glared at him and replied, "I'm not taking orders from any human." He bared his canines.
Click nearly flinched, but he knew that this time was as good as any to act.

The End

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