Chapter 3: Nobility Never Has Decent Enough QuirksMature

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Go back in, we can take care of ourselves!" Said one of the townspeople.

Click nodded, "No, what if someone else in Xeranad's army showed up? You'll need me to protect you."

"Those heroes need help, they all saved us, it's worth the risk." Same guy as the one before. Click was really starting to hate that guy. A lot.

Can't lie my way out of this one. Click nodded, walked to the castle doors, turned and waved. The crowed cheered. Then he walked in and closed the door. Then his couragous act broke down and he fell against the wall, preying to every god he ever even heard of to just not die.

After five minutes of begging beings he didn't beleive in he got up and started to weigh his options as he walked down the hallway.

"Okay, on one hand, I do want to be a hero."

He stopped and turned around, "A live hero. You know, I don't think anyone would be guarding the treasurey right now." He started down another hallway.

"Then again, if the townspeople know I never showed up, they might figure out that I'm no hero." Click turned back.

"I could say I got lost."

"Then again, eidetic memory, I can't get lost."

"They don't know that."

"They might figure it out later, then what?"

Click kept pacing, each time he said something he turned around. It basically kept coming down to 'dead hero, loved by all' or 'former hero, rich but hated.' Then he had a thought, if Slate could create Click so easily, they he could just start over.

"To the treasurey" He started off, before remembering that wasn't who he wanted to be anymore. He stopped and stood there for a moment. He didn't want them to die, but he didn't want to die either. Of course, if he didn't go, they might live anyway, and he wasn't exactly a fighter anyway. If he showed up, he could just get in the way. Maybe it was nobler not to go?

And why not get paid for being noble?

He started in the direction of the treasury again. How much do you think I can carry without getting caught? He wondered, imagining what all he could do with that money.

"Click?!" He heard a voice behind him. Fuji.

"Hey, Fuji!" He yelled back waving. He left the party, maybe Click could get his way out of this one.

"Did you hear all that fighting? It's louder then the tomato farmer."

Crap. "Umm... yeah?"

"We need to go see what's going on." Fujitsu said

"Dragon, dragon-dude, dog-dude, I was already there."

"Then what are you doing out here?"

Well, hopefully not dying. "I lead the townspeople out."

"Good thinking, we need to help Ar-everyone." Fujitsu dashed off.

Click watched him, hoping he would forget he had been there.

"Click, what are you waiting for, come on!"

Why can't his crazyness ever help ME? 

As much as Click loved being a fake hero, he was really starting to hate being around real ones. He followed after Fuji.

I better get some elf-girl action out of this.

The End

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