Chapter 3: More People Have Joined the Party!Mature

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As Ulritch landed, oddly enough, swiftly on the ruined marble below him, Charles got down on all fours and started slowly circling around him, like a wolf finding the best way to finish off his prey, with Draconis's halberd jammed in his snarling snout. Both of their eyes were locked with each others', the werewolf's holding piercing glare, while Ulritchs's showed that he was mildly interested in what was going about.
"So, I take it that you're not giving that back to me?" sighed the dracomancer as Charles finished a half-circle around him.
Charles paused, as if considering whether or not he should really give the general his weapon back. Then, with small subtle shock of surprise, Charles tossed the weapon in between the two of them, and it landed with some clinks and a clunk against the rubble.
Right beside them Conrad and Lynn were frantically dodging and attempting to keep decent distance from the large and furious dragon, which was not proving to be an easy task. Conrad had already gained himself a slightly burned arm, thankfully protected by his armor and clothing, and the bottom of Lynn's dress had caught fire, though it was speedily put out using the basic "Stop, Drop, and Roll" tactic.
"Lynn, I could really use some tips here!" shouted Conrad, rolling underneath the dragon and firing multiple shots at the same spot that he had hit before, taking care that he wouldn't get squashed by the beast's feet. "Isn't there something in there that's affective!?"
"Uh, ahm, hold on...." she stammered, frantically, yet carefully, flipping through her ever expansive note sets. "No, no, that's no good.... Let's see.... AHA! Shoot at its eye! This type of dragon is useless without its eyesight!"
Conrad sprinted out from under the giant creature shouting, "Roger!" He started shooting at the dragon to get its attention, which it did, and once it turned around and faced him, the soldier took quick aim, the dragon reared itself on its hind legs, and he began to pull the trigger, but....
The werewolf was sent flying across the room and smashed right into Conrad, sending them both tumbling into Lynn to form a non-human heap, though they all got up rather easily.
"Ugh..." muttered Conrad, "Thanks a lot, now I lost my aim."
Through the Halberd in his teeth, Charles replied, "You want the target? Here!" He grabbed Conrad swiftly by the leg spun him around a couple of times, then threw him so that he was over the dragon, falling to the dragon, and crashing hard onto the dragon's back. The future elf, needless to say, was pi***d off.
Charles was still seething and glaring in the direction of the dragon, which was now flying around in an attempt to knock Conrad off, when Lynn asked, "How did you get over here like that, anyway?"
In response, the werewolf merely gestured with his head to the area to where Ulritch was at. The general had grown long talons and was currently ripping the soldiers, who had taken it upon themselves to fight him, to shreds. Bloody and mangled heaps lay all around the battleground, the number of which was slowly increasing.
Other than the guards, there were two new additions to the battle: Aria and Kara. Kara was using her snake-like agility to dodge the swipes of Ulritch and actually looked rather upset. It was a look that only showed when somebody close to another had been involved in something bad and was affected. Aria just looked angry and determined to kill off the general before. However, she frequently had to be moved out of the way by Kara, else she would have ended up like the many soldiers that were on the ground before her.
Charles merely grunted out of disgruntlement and dashed like a wolf towards the battle, his ice breath trailing behind.

The End

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