Chapter 3: One-man PlayMature

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Kara looked over Click, who was somewhat awake, and somewhat more sober, then he had been.

"Sla-Click? Are you okay?!"

Who is, oh, right, the character. Click slowly remembered he was still Click at the moment. He rolled over a bit and got to his feet, stood up, and smiled, "Just a distraction while everyone else gets ready to be another distraction for me." Is that beleivable enough?

Kara smiled wildly.


"So, you're going to defeat him now?"

"No, of course not." Click crossed his arms. The people remaining in the room were already around him. "First off, I'll lead you all to safety. Follow me."

Click started leading the crowed out of the room and down the halls, while dragon-rider-dude, the dragon, wolf-guy, and the rest were busy dealing with each other. A few thoughts passed through Click's head, mainly that he had better stay in front of the crowed so if anything goes down, they'll die instead of him. He wanted to be a hero, just not dead.

He lead them out of the castle, turned around, "Everyone get back to your houses, now, you'll be safer spread out."

"Aren't you going to go back in and help?" Someone asked.

That someone, who ever the heck it was, was now someone Click hated. "Well, uh, no, you see, I- I need to be out here in case there is another attacker." Lamest lie ever.

"There's one now!!" Click pointed randomly at a house, then sprinted behind it. He pulled out a pair of his bombs and rolled them across the ground, being carefull neither landed where anyone could see them


"NEVA' GREAT CLICK!!" Click disguised his voice and kept shouting.



Then the bombs went off.

Click walked around the building, bowed, and pretended to go to look-out duty, looking for possible attackers. In reality, he was planning different escape routes for different kinds of hell breaking loose.

The End

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