Chapter 3: Well, What do You Know, it Worked!Mature

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Ulritch sighed. It was quite bothersome, a slight inconvenience actually, for his weapon to have been stolen from him like that. While he'd rather not fight anything at all, in the case that he would have to kill or defend himself, he'd much prefer to use his halberd than use up energy to fight by other means. What a pain, he thought.
He looked Charles square in the eyes, breathed in as if to declare something big, then simply said, "Could I please have that back?"
Charles stared back, with a piercing gaze, glanced to the newly acquired weapon, then back to the general. After a moment, he smirked, then proceeded to pick at his yellow canine teeth with the blade, eventually finding a piece of chicken in the third and fourth teeth to the right, and flicked it in the direction of Ulritch, an obvious "Nope."
"Alright," Draconis sighed once again, "I'll ask this again. Can I ple-"
His dragon roared in fury and turned sharply, knocking Ulritch off of it, towards the area where Conrad and Lynn were subsiding at, immediately spotting the former with his rifle pointed at him. The shots had definitely hit their marks, all in the same place on its upper-chest. However, this did not do the desired damage; in fact, all it caused was some minor bleeding, and yet it infuriated the dragon so much that it didn't care about his master, raging on over to the future elves.

The End

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