Chapter 3: Will This Work? Tune in Next Time to Find Out....Mature

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Conrad was on his knee now, his rifle at the ready. Now that the rider was unarmed with that damned axe... "So, third in command huh? We must really be getting to the bastard if he's sending you." Conrad said, waiting for a clue to attack. Honestly, did these people think he was stupid, or just ignorant?

Lynn however, was filling in her notes, having put her pad on what remained of the table, and was already pulling out one of her books, flipping through it to find something. "Dragons... dragons... dragons... dragons... I know it's in here..." Lynn was muttering, flipping through pages so quickly, it was a wonder she even saw what was on hte pages. As she neared hte center of hte book, she stop. "GOT IT! Okay, now lets see..." Her finger started to trail down the page, looking for something. "Conrad, can you spot a dull spot on it's underbelly?" Lynn asked.

Conrad shrugged, and started looking. It was hard to tell with the damned thing moving, but, lo and behold, there it was, a dull spot about midway down, between a gem to the left, and scales above, below and to the right. "Got it!" Conrad replied, getting a quick nod from Lynn. 

"Fire at that spot. Should hurt it." Lynn told him, which was all Conrad needed to hear to put his rifle to his shoulder, and fire a 3 round burst.

The End

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