Chapter 3: The Shikamaru of TSW ReturnsMature

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Aria's eyes widened with shock. A dragon... a real life, honest to Iosa dragon... and it was being ridden by the Dracomancer Ultritch Draconis...

It hit her hard. The Dark Lord had control of the Dragonflight as well as his Stygian hordes... what else was under his power?

Ultritch looked down at the Prince, his dragon spewing flames from it's mouth. "Come now... Lord Xeranad is being incredibly generous here, letting you live. As a matter of fact... if you were to ally yourself with our forces, I'm sure Xeranad would be able to resurrect your father back to his whole and hearty self..."

Aria's eyes were filled with anger upon hearing this. "Like hell he would follow through with his word! We all know how well it ended for Wessel! Why would he be more merciful towards the Prince?! The Dark Lord is a monster who opposes life itself!"

Ultritch turned to her, and sighed. "Girl, I don't know who you think you are, but let me sum up the situation for you: I am Xeranad's third in command. I have a dragon. Everyone is tired from partying on the coronation of Prince Elric... and I'm in a bit of a hurry. I think it's safe to assume that fighting me is suicidal."

Aria growled at him, not backing down. "Does any of that matter? I will kill Xeranad, and anyone who tries to stop me will meet my twin daggers!"

Ultritch shook his head in disbelief. "What a hotheaded, stubborn young girl you are... and also not very bright. Let me say this: fighting Xeranad... would actually be worse than fighting me in these current conditions. He's a far greater foe than you can possibly imagine... why don't you go take a nap and think it over?" The dragon flicked it's tail into Aria, slamming her straight into the refreshment table.

Aria stood up slowly, covered in punch and with a severly pissed off look on her face. "Dammit! You got punch all over my new dress!!!"

Utritch started rubbing his forehead. "Oh for Iosa's sake... this is such a drag."

The End

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