Chapter 3: Talking to the Dead/ Hallucinations(?)Mature

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Aria looked around, and felt a twinge of sadness. It seemed that without Fujitsu up and around to keep things... interesting... everything else had become dull and boring. She walked outside into the garden for some fresh air.

Aria sat beside the fountain, and saw a pair of roses growing beside each other. They weren't on a bush, nor did the share the same roots. The two roses sat there, alone, but beautifully serene. The one to the left was a crimson red rose, while the one on the right was a snow white rose. They grew, side by side, by themselves, in harmony with themselves but not with the rest of the garden.

Aria shook her head. Why would this attract her attention? The only thing she thinks of when she sees roses these days is the day Xeranad burned her village down and slaughtered her family and friends, leaving only her and a rose bush unmarred.

"Well, it seems like someone is deep in thought." A voice she did not recognize, but still seemed familiar to her, spoke. She turned in the direction of the voice...

...and what she saw made her nearly fall into the fountain. The person who spoke was a young man of about twenty years old, having crimson red hair and dressed in black armor. He had a scar across his left eye, which was covered with an eyepatch. His right eye was a lovely emerald green, and he has a warm smile on his face.

The man walked towards her, and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Thinking about your family, huh? Or are you thinking of only revenge?"

Aria looked at the man, and turned away. "This coming from someone who killed his best friend? What do you know of my troubles?"

The black armored man shook his head. "A lot more than you realize. Vengeance begets vengeance. If only I had come to that realization sooner, maybe what happened to you and everyone else would have been avoided."

Aria looked at him, confused. "What are you talking about?"

The man looked her in the eye. "Beware what lies beneath the surface of your desires. All hatred has ever caused me is more suffering... it hurts so much to think about all the lives that have fallen into despair and hatred because of my mistakes, but it feels worse knowing that it can all happen again."

Aria grabbed the man, angry. "Quit talking in riddles! Who do you think you are to tease me like this? My father?!"

The man sighed. "That's the second time you've uttered that phrase... could it be coincidence? This matter is more personal than you realize."

Aria shoved him aside. "Shut up! I know who you are, and you and I are a millenia apart! How could you possibly understand anything about my pain? My suffering?"

The man stood up. "Because... I, too, know what it's like to lose family and loved ones... why do you think I'm here?"

Aria could not stand this. She was so angry she felt like she would start colvulsing at any moment. She threw a punch, and missed, as the man simply vanished.

Aria's anger turned to confusion. She felt the man touch her, she had grabbed him and pushed him... but how can Alexander, one of the Legendary Three Heroes, possibly still be around? Was she imagining it? Was she going crazy?

She thought for a second if she should talk to anyone about this, but decided not to. She didn't want them to worry. Whatever happens concerning this is between her and the "ghost".

She turned back, and saw the roses she had seen earlier were still there, but the red rose had wilted and the white one hung over it, dew forming on its petals and dripping them down, as if crying over its lost companion.

The End

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