Chapter 3: Not Everybody is PerfectMature

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Elric looked at Conrad and looked confused. "You don't know who that was? Well, that was Grand Master Jonou Arisan of the Eastern Lands. And from what I've heard... he once fought against Xeranad and survived the encounter. Very few people have accomplished such a thing."

Conrad looked in the direction in which Jonou left, stunned to hear what Prince Elric said. "He was able to best Xeranad?"

Elric shrugged. "Not defeat him in combat, no, but was able to outwit him and escape. Anyone who has brought upon them the wrath of Xeranad very rarely survive, and those who do usually don't escape him unscathed. Jonou managed to survive and not receive any injury from the Dark Lord."

Conrad nodded. "So... if Xeranad can be outsmarted... He can be defeated."


Lynn wrote in her notes, and Sal looked at her curiously. "Excuse me, miss, but are you alright? I'm not sure you can write without looking where your hand is going..."

Lynn nodded. "Yes, I'm alright. I'm just catching up on my research."

Sal raised an eyebrow. "Okay... well, pleasure meeting you." Sal turned to walk away.

The End

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