Chapter 3: Just Getting the HintMature

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Fujitsu stopped his "dance" suddenly. He looked over to the area where the prince and Conrad were. The futuristic elf seemed highly anxious about something, but he didn't know what. It was strange, though; it was as if the situation was familiar to him. All that was left was for somebody to point at him and for a drunken man to come running at-
Fujitsu never finished that thought, for his head seemed to split open with pain. Blurry images come into his head. He was inside a palace, he knew that, but it wasn't anything like this one; it looked like it was up north, but there was still a party. Some guy was pointing at him, another ran after him, then everything went black. It didn't help that everything was sped up, either.
"Fuu? Hey, what's wrong?"
Fujitsu opened his eyes (which he hadn't realized that he closed) and looked up. Aria was towering over his kneeling form (once again, not sure how he got there), a concerned look etched into her face.
He shrugged, standing up. "No, I'm fine. My body is just getting sore from the battle." It actually was true, the pain was finally starting to have an effect on him. In fact, his body was in a subtle state of shock because the pain had started with the headache, and it all happened at once.
"My body wants me deadafied," he blurted out, making an incredibly sad pouting-face at the ground. "I think I'm going to cry myself to sleep with this sad piece of news."
Fujitsu left the feast without another word, still having the same face.

The End

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