Chapter 3: Reasonable SuspicionMature

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Conrad sighed, watching Fujitsu go into one of his episodes. Seriously, how did the kid fight like he did, when he went off in rants and random nonsense spiels? Conrad shrugged, going nowhere with his own thoughts. Of course, when the man showed up out of nowhere, and began to speak with the Prince, Conrad clicked into danger mode. Something about that man just made him feel like his was in danger. And after all his years in the tunnels, first a miner, then a soldier/miner, he learned to trust that gut feeling that something was wrong, horribly wrong. However, when he vanished in a cloud of petals, Conrad was already standing up, and walking right for the prince. "Your highness, who was that man?" Conrad asked, having grabbed his HUD from his helmet, and had it on, already scanning where the petals were gently landing. He was trying to spot anything that could tell him where the man went, but so far, it couldn't pick up anything past the crowd of bodies, footprints, and other stains that best left with no description.

Lynn however, had unknowingly chronicled the chat, even as a man in a flared long coat walked by, and nearly tripped over Lynn when her pen dropped, and she leaned over to collect it. And strangely enough, Lynn didn't even flinch as she suddenly found herself on her side with a man over her, offering a hand. Lynn quirked an eyebrow. "Is something wrong sir?" She asked, as she dusted herself off, and stood up, quickly catching up in her notes, her attention though, apparently focused on Sal, despite the fact her writing was going full speed without a hint of slowing.

The End

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