Chapter 3: Confuzzled EmotionsMature

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Aria walked back into the party and ran into Fujitsu. They looked each other in the eyes and she blushed a little. "Hey, Fuu... uh..."

Suddenly, she saw Sal walk up behind Fujitsu and he patted him on the shoulder. "You kids play nice now." He handed Fujitsu a rose, whispered something in his ear, and walked off, saying: "If you guys need me, I'll be challenging Click to a drinking contest."

Aria raised an eyebrow upon hearing the last bit. Sal was a devious man from what she knew of him from their one encounter. He probably has a fall back plan if he loses... or rather... if helet's himself lose.

Aria turned back to Fujitsu, who seemed unsure of what to do. Aria saw the rose in his hand. Aria blushed some more. "So... uh... who's the lucky girl, Fuu?"

Fujitsu seemed nervous. "Well... uhh... um..." He just gave her the rose, without really explaining it in words.

Aria was happy, but at the same time anxious. She had never felt this way about anyone before... she couldn't understand her own emotions. She finally just thought, "Screw it", and gave Fujitsu a hug.

The End

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