Intermission Chapter: Town of Yorick (no longer exists))Mature

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Alexander came to his home town of Yorick, just east of Escartes. He cloaked himself, not wanting a large homecoming, fearing someone might see his new appearance.

He came to the Kahner Family mansion, and entered. He walked forward, hoping to get to his room quickly, when his mother, Hildegard Kahner, stopped him. "Who are you, young man? If you wish to speak with the head of the family, he is in his study. Otherwise, state your business."

Alexander was saddened by this. He may be wearing a cloak, but to have his own mother not recognize him tugged at his heart. He lowered his head. "Mother... please. I need to rest."

His mother's eyes widened. "Alex? Is that you?"

Alex turned and nodded to her, hoping she wouldn't do what he think she would.

Yet, she did. She grabbed him, hugged him tightly... though who could blame her? She hadn't seen her darling son in almost two years. She attempted to kiss him...

... and saw his face. She stepped back, shocked. "Alex? What happened to you?"

Alex pulled the hood off from his head, revealing his new appearance. His hair, once a wonderful crimson red, now a snow white. His skin had paled a bit, and his eyes had become a ghostly white, as opposed to his heterocromatic green and yellow, the latter which he hid behind an eyepatch because it was also slitted and scarred, a price he paid when he became a Dark Knight.

He looked his mother in the eyes, and tears fell from them. "Mother... What has become of me? I don't know if I am even human anymore... Am I still the same man who left this home two years ago? Am I still your son?" He fell to his knees, crying, unable to answer his mother's question, not knowing what had become of him.

Hildegard looked at her son for a moment, and then knelt down and hugged him. "My boy... my darling boy... no matter how you appear on the outside, inside, you are still you... You are still Alexander Gerard Kahner... son of Adrian Lorenzo Kahner and Hildegard Antoinette Kahner. You are still my son."

Alex hugged his mother back, crying tears of happiness. He still had his family.

End Intermission

The End

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