Chapter 3: Dwelling on the PastMature

(Originally posted by Xeranad on Mon Jan 11, 2010)

Aria walked out onto the balcony, and looked up at the night sky. She saw the moon was a beautiful white crescent, with the stars shining down upon the world. She sighed, knowing that such moments are few in these times of war. She began to sing:

"Oh, dear starlight, how beautiful you are,
shining so wonderfully from afar.
Know, dear starlight, that in our sight,
We're happy that you shine your light.

Aria turned away from the moon and the stars, not wanting to dwell too much on her past. She knew those wonderful times were gone and nothing she did would bring them back. All she could do now was make the future a better place.


Xeranad finished his meal and went to his throne. He sat down, desiring to sleep. He needed to rest... needed to regain his strength. He let the darkness of slumber wash over him...

The End

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