Chapter 3: Click's Wench?Mature

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Kara was over in the corner, playing with Karkid. Karkid was have a lot of fun--mind you he had been haviing a more or less good time since he came to Kara. It was just so great to be here in comparison to his last home. Karkid really tried not to think about it.

A group of soldiers hazel y stumbled past, "wow--I cannot believe that Click took a large dose of Wessel's drug--and is still so lucid. The prince could not say that. I like the fact that we have Click to fight for our side."

Another soldier with some Ale in his hands laughs, "and yet--you still tried to out drink him."

"The man made a rather good wager. Man--I have not lost so many talons in one bet in a while."

"Well--it did not help that the private over here decided to go double or nothing for you. I mean--I cannot believe he out drank both of you."

Kara slitherd over to them curiously with Karkid on her soldiers, one of them looks up and eeps a little, "it is Click's familiar wench! I am sorry I held out--" the soldier gave a few more Talons to Kara before they ran off.

Kara looked at the Talons in her hand. "Wench? Just what has Click been saying?"

Kara slithered around and questioned--it seemed that it was mostly the soldiers that referred to Kara as that title. Noting it as the reason Click was able to deal with alcohol and the "Heartbreak Bane" component of Wessel's drug.

Eventually, Kara got to the head Nurse--to ask her about the whole thing. She was at a table, drinking many of the soldiers and nurses there underneath it. A young nurse walks up--half dressed in her uniform, hanging off of a soldier's arms. The Head Nurse just glares at her, sobering her up instantly, "uh--sorry Private Grestle--I uh--need to change into something more appropriate looking."

The girl runs off, and the Head Nurse states, "the uniform is not an aid in getting off...". The Head Nurse, turns. Her neck was thick. She was a larger woman. Though, most of it was pure strength. The Head Nurse was generally strong enough that she could beat some of the stronger guards in an arm wrestling match handily. Some people would state that she'd make a decent soldier--she'd usually reply, that she got that strong dragging the decent soldiers back to a spot where they would not die. "Ah--Kara... you seem to be doing well. Though--you have not been on the dance floor. Your dances use to get some of the younger nurses to attend the dances--"

Kara looks down, "well--they likely are not interested in me... as well... apparently people are calling me Click's Wench"

"Yeah--that was not Click's doing. I have no idea who started those rumours. Pay them no heed. Remember your medical lessons, 'Empty Vessels make the most noise'."

A younger nurse in civilian clothes laughs, before he lifts his stein, "here is to a noisy Wessel!"

The Head Nurse pulls Kara close, so that only Kara could hear what she had to say, and dropped a small set of herbs into Kara's hands, "Click has been missing these components in his drinks when he plays the drinking games. While what he has in his sobriety mixture is fairly decent--this will make his additions better. Trust me--he will thank me when he wakes up... especially with that red haired cross dresser eyeballing him from the bar."

The Head Nurse lets Kara go back up, "Now! Like I said, Click is my interest--do not be going after him!". The Head Nurse smacked Kara's ass, and went back to her drinking game. Telling a tale as she does it, and adding some herbs into her own drink when the others were distracted. Kara had seen this game before--The Head Nurse knew how to negate poison by balancing it with other poisons.

Kara's eyes lighted up--she slithered over to Click.

The End

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