Chapter 3: Change! I Don't Like Change!Mature

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Fujitsu was, like Conrad and Lynn, studying the banquet. This was a new experience for him, being in one. He'd been in celebrations before yes, but in the east. They were different compared to the one taking place now. Perhaps it had to do with how the Grand Hall was set up, the different style in clothing, or even the fact that it was inside; he'd never been to one inside a building before, he usually went to the ones that were in the city itself.
Fujitsu was wearing his best kimono, which had a blue top with a white bottom. He was also not wearing any shoes, but that's what he and every guy he knew did when they wore their kimonos. He felt really out of place with all these suits with collars and the dresses with all sorts of frills and "poofs", in Fujitsu's words, because quite a few of them were poof-y.
Fujitsu was standing against the wall where the musicians were playing, taking note of how different their playing style was, disliking it a bit. He got a few "thank yous" from passing people, and a punch on his shoulder from the Weapon's Shop Keeper, who was wearing what looked like modified assassin's armor. Fujitsu chuckled a bit. Well, at least he wasn't the only one wearing anything different.
Fujitsu eventually made his way over to the tables that held the food. Dear Goddess Amaterasu... he thought. The food looked elegant... and weird.... There was stuffed turkey, roasted ham, lemon pepper chicken... just so many things that, too, differed from the foods at the Japanese festivals. Where was the takoyaki? The toumorokoshi? The ikayaki!? Fujitsu felt really homesick.
He needed a familiar face. He noticed Click surrounded by a crowd of people hungry for information about how they had captured Wessel. He couldn't see Kara. Perhaps she didn't like festivities. Conrad and Lynn were not even a couple of feet away from him, but they seemed to be observing like he was doing... or perhaps he was observing like they were doing.... Fujitsu's head started to hurt.
That left Aria. He looked above the heads of the crowds to search for her head, but then a voice said, "Can't find your girlfriend?"
Fujitsu looked to his left side, to where the voice had come from. Next to him was what seemed to be a gambler. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but there was something about him that made him look like a gambler. Maybe it was how his face looked, but he wasn't too sure.
"Um, no, I don't have a girlfriend. But I am looking for a girl that's about yea big," Fujitsu raised his hand to about where Aria's head ended/ started, "has brown hair, and brown eyes..."
Sal put his hands up. "Yeah, yeah I know what she looks like, she's over there." He pointed in the direction of Click's crowd, which seemed to triple in size since he last laid eyes on it, and there was Aria, standing in the new "outside layer" of the crowd, most likely seeing what Click's rendition of the story sounded like. Fujitsu smiled at her, then turned back to Sal, something clicking into his head.
"Wait, was she the one you said was my girlfriend?" he asked him.
He chuckled, taking a swig of wine, which he had poured while Fujitsu was looking a Aria. "Yeah. Though, I can't say that I'm surprised that you're in denial, too."
Fujitsu was confused. "Denial? What are you...." Then it hit him. Not even a week ago, he had met that shy bandit girl who got struck by Xeranad's lightning and survived, who made a speedy recovery and he'd spent almost everyday with her since. Now she was a cute young woman who may be a bit shy, but could be feisty at times, who laughed whenever he did something silly, but not at him, and sad expressions did not suit her. He just noticed how fond of her he was, and that was much more fond than any of the others. He blushed, and quickly covered his face.
"I can't believe that I just noticed...."
"It's alright, there are plenty of slower guys out there. In fact, you seem to be one of the quicker ones to realize it," he said.
Fujitsu didn't respond.
"So, whatcha' gonna do now?"
No response.
"You gonna give her flowers?"
Same thing.
"Take her on a date?"
Fujitsu burst out, "STOP PRESSURING ME MY MIND'S GOING 'KA-BLOOEY!!! WHERE IS THE SAKE? I NEED TO MAKE MYSELF SANE!!" Fujitsu was now gabbing Sal's shoulders.
He responded, "Uuh... there's only wine."

The End

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