Chapter 3: A GENUINE SmileMature

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Blah blah blah, Click thought. Ordinarily he would like the attention, especially the women, ESPECIALLY the women, but not right now. Liamson. What was Xeranad going to do there?

He kept going over it in his mind. So far he knew that Wessel was the (or maybe just 'a') traitor and double agent for Xeranad, working to develope these drugs. Then Xeranad left him, with a few stygians, that Xeranad could easily tell were too few, to fight them. If Wessel's job's secrecy was important, why would he handlie it like he did? It was covert, Xeranad allowed it to be overt. It didn't fit. 

Victory disease. Made sense, Xeranad was probably arrogant at winning so much he just didn't care enough to cover his tracks.The only battle he hadn't won was with the elves, and that was probably just a distraction, from what? Probably whatever was about to happen at Liamson.

Thank the gods I'm not at Liamson.

"So, ladies," He took a long drink, a genuine smile appearing, "Who wants to hear about how we caught Wessel?"

The End

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