Chapter 3: Obsaerveng Da Si-Tay FolkMature

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Lynn wasn't so much eating, as she was observing. Her notes never stopped filling, recording the event, done to such minute details as what each hairstyle of everyone was in. Lynn, and Conrad, both were still in their normal attire, since, really, they didn't have anything 'formal' to change into. However, teh garbs had been cleaned before hand, so the dirt, dust, grime, and webbing were no longer there on Lynn's outfit, even as she was busy.

Conrad however, was merely standing beside her, observing, but in a different manner. He had a small food bar in one hand, and his canteen in easy reach of his other. He was keeping an eye out for any possible trouble. Lynn and Conrad were outsiders, and they stood out clearly, Conrad especially with his combat uniform, vest, and gear. Granted, his helmet was hanging off his backpack, which was placed behind his feet. His rifle was leaning against it, and his pistol remained in it's holster. While Aria was talking to Sal, Conrad was merely watching, listening, not at all worried about the fact that people gave them a bit of a wide berth, but nothing compared to the Lamia. So 'thanks' and 'congratulations' weren't as common to be heard for the two. Which suited them fine.

The End

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