Chapter 3: Reunited With the GamblerMature

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That night, a banquet was held in the Grand Hall of the Escartes Palace. Everyone was invited, no one turned away. This was a celebration for the heroes' victory in uncovering the truth and blowing away the dark cloud of uncertainty that loomed over the town's head.

Aria moved through the crowd, receiving thanks from people here and there, though most of the crowd was focused on Click. Not that she blamed them: he was a big hero before this all started, and she was merely a bandit girl. She's just happy to be with friends.

Aria then saw someone whom she recognized: the gambler from the other day, who was standing far from the others, leaning against the wall. Aria walked up to him and smiled. "Hello."

Sal looked up at her and smiled back. "Why, hello there, young lady. It seems you bought yourself a new dress with the earnings you won. And a very fetching dress at that."

Aria blushed. "You're a bit of a ladies' man, aren't you? You are such a sweet talker."

Sal laughed a little at this. "Don't worry, you aren't my type. Besides, it seems you already have a boyfriend..."

Aria raised an eyebrow in confusion. "Huh? Boyfriend? What are you talking about?"

Sal smirked. "Ah, yes... denial. Women sometimes experience that when they are in love." He stood up straight and pulled out a coin. "Ah well, you'll figure it out eventually." He tossed the coin in her direction and walked away briskly.

Aria looked at the coin in confusion. She examined both sides... and let out a giggle. "Oh, that magnificent bastard... he let win that game..."

The End

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