Chapter 3: The Perfect ToysMature

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Aria smiled. Oh yeah... free food! She raised her arm in excitement with her fist clenched. "YEAH!!!"

Elric and everyone else, including Fujitsu, looked at her with a look that said you are a crazy lady... well, except for Kara, who just looked at her with curiousity.

Aria noticed this and let her hand fall to her side, blushing profusely. Fujitsu placed his hand on her shoulder, and they made eye contact. "Uhhh..." Aria began, but Fujitsu raised his finger.

"Shhh... the loss of blood has obviously made you a bit crazy. Let Kara look at those wounds." Aria's eyebrow twitched upon hearing this. The pot is calling the kettle black for sure! Who's the crazy one? She thought to herself. However, instead of saying what she thought, she merely nodded and said:



Kata moved back and forth within her lair within the Titan Capital. Her slitted green eyes scanned around the room, looking for a "toy" to "play with". Her piercing gaze made everyone with her start shivering with fright. Finally, her gaze rested on a young boy captured earlier that day wandering the wasteland... a young dark elf. She grabbed him eagerly, the boy struggling with fear, Kata's expression of twisted glee never leaving her face. She dragged him outside...

... and everyone else let out a sigh of relief... everyone except Mikiko, the only one among them who was not even the slightest bit relieved that she picked someone else that day. She had been her plaything more often than the rest of them, and it took a toll on her soul every day she experienced the pain and torment Kata put her through.

She had felt the sting of her twisted sense of fun, and her laughter still haunted her nightmares... she would have preferred it if she had been killed by the Dark Lord instead of letting Kata have her way with her.

The young dark elf boy screamed so loud it could be heard from every corner of the ruined capital. Then a sound came that made her sick... the sound of bone breaking and flesh tearing.

Kata broke him... just as she broke many of the "toys" before him...

Kata walked in, her face all pouty and upset. "Awww... he broke already...", she said, lifting the torn off arm of the poor dark elf child. Her expression immediatly changed from disappointment to indifference, then back to glee. "Oh well... I guess I'm done with him..." She laughed maniacally, enjoying watching her toys squirm with fear. Mikiko wanted it all to go away... she wanted this bad dream she had been living to end... and wake up in her forest home, greeted by the suns warming rays...

She knew this was real... but she felt that all this madness couldn't be real. She just wanted to go home.


Hyperion arrived in Liamson, on schedule. He looked around and saw nothing unusual, but knew full well that an important event would transpire here...

This was where Xeranad's attack on the human civilizations will begin.

Hyperion looked behind him, and his apprentice, J.C., stood at attention. She was a young, yet smart girl, skilled in weaponry and was very loyal to Hyperion. She was his go to girl, as it were, performing tasks that Hyperion himself was unable to perform.

He looked into J.C.'s eyes. "J.C., I need you to gather information for me. Find out where the most likely spot Venice Delacroix would strike, where the Stygians would most likely arrive in Liamson with the supplies from Wessel, and what the connection between the two is, if there is any. I cannot allow Xeranad to win here. If he gains a foothold in Liamson, then Escartes will surely fall."

J.C. nodded, understanding her mission. She walked off, hoping that she was able to perform this task in time.


Lord Xeranad sat in his dining hall, amused with how everything was progressing: absolutely perfect. What everyone failed to realize was that all of this, everything he had done, was merely a curtain in a sense... a curtain that hid his true intentions. Granted, the heroes did a good job uncovering Wessel's part in his plan, but they remain blissfully unaware as to why he desires the drug... or why he made the whole thing in Escartes so sloppy.

He got the heroes' attention. Soon, he would sow the seeds of discord and discontent... but for now, he was just enjoying the show.

Xeranad then started to laugh. "Hmm... hmhmhmhm... heheheheheeeeh... kheheheheee... Kyahahahahahaaaaa... KYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!" He couldn't believe that everyone played their part so perfectly. Everything progressed so smoothly...

Very few people realized that this one event... meant that Xeranad had already won. It amused him that no one has yet to realize it... and that they still had hope that they could stop him...

A hope that will be crushed so easily when they finally see what lies beyond the curtain.

The End

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