Chapter 3: A Well-Deserved InvitationMature

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Suddenly, a group of guards arrived, weilding swords and spears. They surrounded the group, with an angry glare in their eyes. "Leave the honorable governor alone!" Their commander shouted.

Aria was mad. "Honorable? He assassinated your king! He framed Prince Elric with the murder of his own father! He's the one responsible for Xeranad's presence in Escartes! What do we have to do to make you understand that?!"

The guards looked at Aria, their commander raising an eyebrow. "What? What is this girl talking about? Has she lost her mind? Why would Governor Wessel kill King Gallon?"

Aria retorted. "Why would Elric kill his own father?"

The guards stared at each other, not sure how to respond to that. "Well, we had his confession-"

"And we have the proof against Wessel." Aria lifted one of the crossbow bolts from the ground. "These bolts are coated with a time released hallucinogenic substance. Basically, it drives someone insane by making people see what isn't there. Elric saw his father as a monster and attacked, thinking it killed his father. When the drug wore off, he saw that his knife was in his father's corpse."

The commander looked shocked, but regained his composure. "We found the king's body at the bottom of a ravine. If the prince was indeed demented from the drug, then why would he hide his father's body unless he had something to hide?"

Aria shook her head. "Wessel watched the whole thing, and when the prince ran off, took the body and threw it at the bottom of the ravine, to make it look like a malicious act against the crown."

Elric finally came out of the castle from hiding and nodded. "It's true. I would never hurt my father unless something drove me mad... and Wessel had given me my monthly check up like usual, but gave me a new treatment that day. He put the drug in me at that time."

The guard commander snapped his fingers. "Guards! Take this scum to the dungeon." He turned to the Prince, and bowed. "Forgive us, my liege. We were blinded by Wessel's lies to what was really going on. I hope you can forgive us."

Elric nodded. "You were doing your duty. I cannot hold you accountable for doing your job exactly as you were told." He turned to the heroes, and bowed. "I thank you all for your efforts for exposing the traitor in our midst. I thank you, as does all of Escartes." He stood up and smiled sheepishly. "I would give you a ceremony, but there is a lot we need to do... so, how about a feast in your honor?"

The End

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