Chapter 3: What the Shishush Was That!?Mature

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Kara slithered over to Fujitsu and inspect his wounds. "What the Shishush happened here?"

Fujitsu started to explain, but Kara was tasting the air--and ends up dropping Fujitsu and speeds over to Click. "Why the Shishush do you smell like venom?"

Click turns a little bit surprised, "what do you mean?"

"Your smell--it is slightly different... I did not recall biting you--but if I did"--Kara flickers her tongue--"your body appears to have processed it most of it."

Wessel just laughs a little, "heh, a key natural component of the hallucinogen--is her neuro toxin.", Wessel points directly at Kara, "At a very low dosage it allows for these conditions. It was a pain to get it to a diluted enough dosage with enough counters to not kill the patient. But my genius--"

Kara gasps as Click had clocked Wessel to the point of being out cold. Click had hit Wessel hard enough that he ended up shaking his fist from the pain.

Kara puts her head down, slithers off slowly back to Fujitsu, "I uh--have wounds to uh... deal... with..."

Kara deals with Fujitsu' wounds--she was oddly very quiet. Not talking too much.

The End

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