Chapter 3: Doesn't Even Have to Give in AnymoreMature

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"SO then, now that you can't cover you're face, we can get down to business. What was in the trunk and where did it go?"

"I am nok tell-ing j'ou a think!"

Click sighed, "Okay, fine, what was in the box, besides the drugs?"

Wessel looked away, "A list of ingredients, okay." Click answered for him, "And where did it go?"

Wessel just stared.

"To Xeranad, okay. What's he planning with it?"

"Well?" Conrad asked, forcing weight down on his bad leg.

"He honestly doesn't know, just that it has something to do with Liamson. Maybe an attack, maybe he's using a ship for transport, who knows?"

"He's not very useful."

"He's bottom rung, he justs makes the stuff. Why would you tell your arms dealer who you were shooting?" Click answered, "Anything else we need to know?"

The End

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