Chapter 3: No Longer Missing the ActionMature

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Fujitsu decided to take the opportunity to sit down and rest on the ground, under a shadow-engulfed area so that he wouldn't be burned alive by the sun, which was heating up a bit too much for his taste. He slowed himself as he sat down, so he wouldn't irritate the wounds.
"Do they hurt?" Aria asked, sitting down with him.
Fujitsu responded, "Now that my adrenaline is going wearing off, they stings a bit, yeah. What about yours?"
"They hurt a bit, too."
Fujitsu sighed. "I just wish that I had my trunk back. I had some medical supplies that we could use to clean our wounds."
As if on cue, the said trunk just plopped on the ground right beside him. Fujitsu was almost freaked out by the sudden appearance of his trunk, but then looked up at the sky hopefully and said, "And I would leiks a bajillion Talons, please."
However, when he looked up, he received the surprise of seeing Kara's face. "I do not understand. What is, 'bajillion'?"
"Kara, you're ba- aaaacck...!" Fujitsu started to yell excitedly and jump up to hug Kara, but doing so he irritated his wounds too much, and they started burning. He dropped to the ground.
".... Would you like for me to rid you of your pain?" Kara asked, bending closer to Fujitsu. Karkid had just realized that his "mother" was back, and immediately hopped on over.
"Yes, please."

The End

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