Chapter 3: The Guilt Trip Always WorksMature

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Aria and Fujitsu watched this whole thing unfold, simply stunned by the level of intelligence each of the other members possessed.

Fujitsu then turned to Aria. "You know, I'm a little annoyed at you, ya know?"

Aria looked up at him, a bit confused. "What do you mean?"

Fujitsu looked down at her. "While you were busy taking fighting the Assassins, I had to deal with a Swordsman Stygian... and those things are difficult to fight, even by my standards. That thing got a few good shots in... can't you tell I'm bleeding?"

Aria was a bit taken aback by this. She looked at him clearly for the first time, and he was right: he had been nicked here and there by a heavy blade... but luckily no real damage was done. Aria looked down, ashamed of her behavior. "Sorry."

Fujitsu was now a little embarrassed. "Look, it's not your fault. Don't give me that look. Keep your chin up. I hate it when you are depressed."

Aria looked him in the eye, and smiled. "Yeah, okay."


Serena flew behind the Stygians, keeping an eye on them, as her lord had commanded. She was a little upset about all of this, especially the mess her master left back at Escartes, but she was created to serve, not to voice her opinion.

She then wondered to herself if she could even talk in the first place...

The End

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