Chapter 3: A Woman Can Actually do Something Other Than COOK!?*Mature

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Lynn nodded, and snagged the Magitech HUD Conrad had. "HEY!" Conrad exclaimed, even as Lynn began to fiddle with it. "What are you doing to that! That's a delicate piece of equipment!" Conrad said, reaching for it, only to get his fingers grasped and twisted.

"I know that, but I also know how to set it to analysis mode, and determine just what we're looking at with this arrow." She said, finally nodding her head when she was done, and slipped it on, and powered it up, and looked at the arrow. "Time release hallucinogenic, compounds indicate a mixture of benign and volatile chemicals, most natural, a couple man-made. Time to function varies from subject to subject, depending on the amount of the mixture the subject receives. Effects would appear to range from mild paranoia and visions, to full on mental breakdown, even death if the dosage is high enough and concentrated enough. The arrow itself is a yew base, though not local. We're looking at Elven Yew, most likely, judging from the minute fluxes in the wood grain that are similiar to teh wood working techniques of the Elves in their bows, arrows and poles. The arrowhead itself is a very low grade steel, with only enough of a carbon coat to pass it off as high grade. If anything, a traditional iron arrow would prove more effective then this." Lynn said, giving more then Click asked for, and once more fiddled with the headpiece, before returning it to Conrad.

Conrad was somewhat dumbfounded by Lynn, but when Click asked him to hold the former Governor of the two by his Arms, Conrad was only too happy to oblige. Pulling the man up, no gentleness involved, he locked Wessels arms behind him, and in a way, forced the man to rely solely on his legs, and his hopes the Conrad wouldn't jousle him too much, to keep himself standing. And the flames of pain from the shot leg only got worse with the weight being forced onto it.

The End

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