Chapter 3: Staring the Information OutMature

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Click smiled, "Sure." This I can do.

He pulled the soon-to-be-former Governor up to a sitting position. Then just stared at him.

"Vell? Vat are you go-ink to ask me?"

Click smiled, "Well, your a medic right? You were a surgeon. So how does the drug work?"

"Like I woould tell you-"

"Time release hallucinogenic compound. That's actually brilliant." Click complimented him, "I 'vish' I came up with that."

"How did j'ou know?!"

"One word, Click. SO, how does the time release work?"

"I von't tell you a tink."

You already have Click then had an idea, "Hey, Lynn, he has a some on those arrows. Think you can figure it out from that?"

She nodded, "Yes, it's just a simple chemical annalysis, it shouldn't be too complicated."

"Thanks." Now if she gives me the same answer he just did, then I know I can trust her.

"So, did you hear anything from Lord Xeranad about his next move?"

Wessel just stared at him angrily, "Vy do j'ou even ask? J'ou just pull the answers out of ze sky?"

"Because that's just how I roll." Click smiled, "Now, what about the ocean?"

Wessel's glare started to burn.

"It's closer then the ocean, isn't it? Like a beach, or a dock, like Liamson."

Wessel twitched.

"Xeranad and Port Liamson, what will he do there?"

Wessel covered his face, suddenly realizing how it worked.

"Hey, Conrad, can you hold his arms back?" Click turned around and asked.

The End

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