Chapter 3: Always the KneecapMature

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Conrad snorted. "Good aim? I nicked his calf. I was aiming for a kneecap." Conrad said, pointing to where Wessel was now bleeding on his leg. "But, all in all, a calf hurts as much as a kneecap any day. RIGHT!?" Conrad stated, walking forward, then placing his boot on the gunshot wound. Wessel screamed out in pain. "Just be glad we're keeping you alive, bastard." Conrad said, lifting his boot, and walking towards Click. "He's all yours, but when we find that Dark Lord... He's mine. He won't be so lucky." Conrad said, continuing past Click, his rifle slung on his shoulder.


Lynn heard the gunshot, and rushed forward faster, hoping that Conrad hadn't killed Click or someone else, but when she turned the corner, she found Wessel on the ground, laughing while his face was twisted in pure agony. Of course, the bleeding leg gave a clue. "Missed the kneecap again?" Lynn asked, wondering how Conrad, with all his skills with his chosen weapon, always seemed to miss the kneecap when he aimed for it. Lynn was smiling gently, and stood beside Click. "So, do you want the honor's of picking this man's brain, find out what he knows?" Lynn asked, almost as if she was talking about the sky, and not interrogating an injured enemy.

The End

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